Start Fresh Series

We all make resolutions at the beginning of the year to get a fresh start, break bad habits, and, well, just to better ourselves.   But who says resolutions can only be made on January 1st?  For me, when I make a list of everything I want to change or work on, it becomes overwhelming.  All I can think is, “Where do I even begin?”, and the steps to improvement stop before they even start. 

So what if we take it slower and tackle one resolution a month?  Let’s see each 1st day of the month as a fresh start.  Let’s use that month to improve ourselves in that one area and make it a habit.  Hopefully, in those 30 days, we can master that problem area, and then, the next month, we can add a new resolution and continue on bettering ourselves month after month.

Please join us in our Start Fresh – 1st of the Month Resolutions.  If you are just now joining us, welcome! Below are all of the links to each monthly resolution post, along with our monthly check in to see how it is going. We are so happy to have you follow along!


September 2015
Stretch and Be Still

August 2015
A Life Inspired
A Life Inspired Check-In: Life Is An Adventure

July 2015
Making Room (for Time and Virtue)
Making Room (for Time and Virtue) Check-In: What Am I Busy About?

June 2015
We're going to be doing 12 Months of Bliss for the next year!  Here's the first one:

Happiness Stamped: Encouragement through Snail Mail
Happiness Stamped Check-In: Reflections on Gratitude

May 2015
Spring Cleaning

March 2015
Getting Back on Track: Reading Finances, and Freezer Meals

February 2015
Thoughts on Prayer
Improving My Prayer Life
Improving My Prayer Life - Check In

January 2015
Katie's 2015 Word of the Year + Goals
Jessica's 2015 Goals

December 2014
Advent Preparations
Advent - Week 1
Advent - Week 2
Advent - Week 3
Advent - Week 4

November 2014
Being More Thankful
Being More Thankful - Check In

October 2014
Time to Purge: Get Rid of One Thing a Day

September 2014
Finishing Projects
Our Project Progress

July and August 2014
Spreading Love through Acts of Kindness
Spreading Love through Acts of Kindness - Letters and Notes
Spreading Love through Acts of Kindness - Guest Post at Raising Barnes
Spreading Love - Delicious Acts of Kindness
Spreading Love through Acts of Kindness - Acts of Kindness List

June 2014
Taking 1 Hour a Week to Do Something Fun for Yourself
Taking 1 Hour a Week to Do Something Fun for Yourself - Check In

May 2014
Getting Yourself Ready in the Morning
Getting Yourself Ready in the Morning - Check In



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