Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Halloween Costumes (and a Giveaway coming up!)

I'm still trying to think of costumes for the kids this year - it's more that I have 500 ideas, and about a week to get it done. Abby keeps flip flopping on her costume, and I like having Tim 'match' we'll see what we come up with. :)

In case you are like me and still don't have costumes, here are some easy DIY ideas from Halloweens past ... 

DIY Hobbit Costumes (Cloak and Feet Tutorial)

Check out how Jess made their costumes here!

Baby Wonder Women - felt glued on a shirt and a DIY tutu

The Boy who Lived ;) Harry Potter Forever!

Last Halloween, we did a Toy Story theme - Jessie and Buzz. I used plain white shirts and glued on felt. Buzz's wings were a little tricky, but well worth it because they were adorable! :)

Jess' kids were Dorothy and the Lion last year - so cute! :) She found their costumes on clearance at a consignment store. Great find :)

What are your kids dressing up as this year? Do you buy your costumes or make your own?

As for the GIVEAWAY announcement - make sure to follow us on Instagram! Our sister, Kelly, and our sister in law, Karissa, both launched Etsy shops in the past two weeks. We're teaming up with them to give away some really cute stuff soon! :) You can follow Karissa and Kelly too and help support their shops :) 

Hope your week is off to a great start!

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