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Minute to Win It Party: Part 2

Minute to Win It Party Games -

Yesterday, I shared some Minute to Win It Games that we played at a recent family party. Check out Games #1-#5 here.

Just as a review, with Minute to Win It Games, you have one minute to complete your task. The blueprints for the games are no longer on the TV show's website, but you can easily find them on YouTube. We divided ourselves up into teams, and did the challenges competing against each other. We also did a lot more as partners or teams. Not every game is meant for that, but it is way more fun to get everyone involved if you can! So change the rules as necessary for your get together! :)

Here are Games #6-#9!

Minute to Win It Party Games -

Game #6:  Defying Gravity
Supplies:  Balloons (we used three)
How to Play:  The object of this game is to keep all of the balloons in the air for a minute. Since we did this as a team, we did the rule where you couldn't touch the same balloon twice in a row. Playing this outside with wind added another element of difficulty fun! ;)

Minute to Win It Party Games -

Game #7:  Floatacious
Supplies:  Bucket of water, five empty pop cans (with tabs removed), plastic plate
How to Play:  Place a plastic plate into a bucket of water. When the time keeper says go, start stacking the pop cans on top of each other. You can't hold any of the pop cans to keep the bottom steady while you are stacking. First person to stack all five and keep them up for three seconds wins! This would be better played indoors - the wind made it rather difficult to keep up!

Minute to Win It Party Games -

Game #8:  Suck it Up
Supplies:  Packs of Smarties, straws, plates
How to Play:  We did this completely different than the blueprint because we did it with five players. Here is our version :)  Have one person hold a plate with one pack of Smarties laid out on it.  Two players will place straws in their mouths, and when the timer starts, will use the straw to suck up a Smarty candy. Those players will then transfer the Smarty with the straw to another player who is holding out their hands. The players receiving the candy cannot move their hands in any way to catch the candy.  First team to get all of the Smarties transferred to their teammates wins!
Tip: Laughing makes this game really hard! :)

Minute to Win It Party Games -

Game #9:  Bite Me
Supplies:  Five paper bags (cut to 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 inch heights)
How to Play:  Take the bags and place them in a line. Have one player at a time run out and grab a bag - they can only use their mouth! And you cannot in any way touch the ground with your hands or knees!  Once they have their bag, they run back and tag their next teammate. First team to get all five bags back wins!
Tip:  Have the kids get the shortest bags! ;)

So, not all of these Minute to Win It games last one minute, or really even need to be timed. I think it's just the matter of hearing the seconds click down that make it so much more fun...and competitive!

Seriously, a Minute to Win It Game Day is a must! Try it out and let me know what games you did! I'm already researching which games I'm going to put together for our family Christmas party! :)

Don't forget to check out Games #1-5 here!

Minute to Win It Party Games -

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  1. These all look like so much fun! Saving this for the future... I'm feeling a big party next summer :)


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