Friday, August 22, 2014

Katie's Football Favorites: College Edition

It's the most wonderful time of the year - aka football season!! Jess shared her football favorites yesterday, and today it is my turn. I don't have half as many photos as Jess ... she is a pinch more crazy than me! ;) 

Here Come the Irish!!

1. Favorite Teams and Players
Notre Dame will always be my favorite team! My favorite player (from ND) would easily be Tom Zbikowski (I'm shocked I don't have a picture of him - google him ;)). I will root for Michigan too because my dad was a big fan, but never when they play the Irish. Now, my husband grew up in several different states, so I'm learning to tolerate some other teams for his sake. Those teams would include Penn State and Texas A&M. College football is on at our house all Saturday long!

ND vs. MSU (2009) We won at the very end by 3 points!

2. Teams and Players I Despise

Ohio State, USC, Purdue, Alabama ... gag. It makes me ill to even write those names. Those teams, players, and coaches annoy me to no end. I wouldn't root for any of them even if my life depended on it. I also don't like Brent Musburger (commentator), but luckily he has moved to SEC network so I won't have to listen to him anymore. ;)

ND vs. UCONN. My siblings first home game and it was so fun! Double overtime, and the only game I've been to that we've lost. 

3. Favorite Game Day Tradition (On Campus)

When we head up to campus, we also do everything that Jess mentioned - visit the buildings, rub Knute's nose, watch the players walk from Mass to the stadium, etc. It is so much fun now having a kid and seeing the excitement on their face when the crowds start going crazy! :) My absolute favorite tradition is listening to the band play at Bond Hall. Notre Dame has the oldest marching band, and it so fun to sing along and do the cheers to get pumped before the game!

Wake up the echoes cheering her name!

Side note: We always look for celebrities too. Regis goes to every home game! :)  We got to shake Vince Vaughn's hand during the player walk two years ago. I did see Taylor Swift in the library three years ago. Her brother went to school at ND, and she figured Selena Gomez and herself could just 'blend in' on game day. HA! It was insanity!

Hello there Mr. Vaughn! ;)

4. Favorite Game Day Tradition (At Home)

My husband enjoys waking us up to any song Notre Dame related - fight song, victory march, cheers/drumline YouTube videos, theme song from the movie Rudy, etc. He is still trying to convince me that we need to do Keg and Eggs for breakfast on game day. Not too sure on that one! ;)  We also will NOT put our feet on the floor during the game, or switch positions if the team is playing well while you are situated that way...that means no bathroom breaks until an interception or something bad happens. It's only crazy if it doesn't work! ;)

Abby's first time rubbing Knute's nose for luck! GO IRISH!

5. Favorite Game Day Apparel

My #9 jersey has served me well these past few years. I bought it for Zbikowski, but the players who have had that number after him have been great too! I'm going to branch out a little this year and wear more 'girly' type of outfits. I have an infinity scarf and new headbands that are ND colors.  For the kids, we definitely have jerseys and cheerleader adorable! :)

Future ND cheerleaders - Josie and Abby from 2012 :)

And, in case you aren't sick of Notre Dame yet, for your viewing pleasure, THE greatest fight song - the Notre Dame Victory March! :) GO IRISH!

Best of luck to your teams (unless they are listed in my #2 section!) this season! Check out some more of our game day festivities on Pinterest!

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  1. Love it! Thank you so much for linking up :) The girls in their cheerleading outfits are TOO TOO adorable!!! We are always doing weird stuff during games too-- not switching seats, changing jerseys at halftime if your player isn't doing well, etc lol!

  2. Oh my gosh, those lil outfits are precious, love it! :)

    Stopping by from the linkup.

  3. My husband went to Notre Dame and we are huge ND fans!! I love all the things you mentioned. There's nothing quite like game day on campus. My favorites - fly overs during the games, eating at the dining hall after the games, the buzz on campus, celebrity sightings and hitting up all the iconic ND spots around campus. It's been a few years since we've gone to a home game so we'll definitely have to make it a priority. Our daughter just got her first ND cheerleader outfit in the mail this week. Cannot wait for the season to start!! Nice to meet another ND fan - look forward to following along with your blog. Go Irish! :) Whitney @

  4. So cute!! I think I would be really into football if I grew up in a different area... I loved high school football games, but in Oregon the sport is just not a huge deal. I love the idea of Friday Night Lights and the whole town coming together to support the local team. :)

  5. I am a Penn State fan through and through, and I remember my freshman year when ND came to State College! It was one of the most exciting weekends of my college years! :) Hope you guys have a great season!

  6. Love this! We are big Michigan fans so not very big ND fans but I'm glad we can all share our hatred for Ohio State :) So cool that you've met a few celebrities at the games! I had no idea Regis went to every home game!

  7. Not much of a football fan, but I enjoyed seeing into the world of one. One of my professors in College was a big Norte Dame fan, she would play the fight song before pop quizzes and major tests and at times play the victory song upon exiting the classroom. It made her class a bit more fun.

    Stopping by from link up with Oak + Oats. :)
    - Felecia Efriann from

  8. I stumbled upon your blog this morning and am now obsessed because you love college football -- as do myself and my hubby! I bleed BLUE AND WHITE #weare and am PENN STATE obsessed.....I lived in State College and Hershey, Pa for several years and I have loved PSU since 1984!!! My hubby is a die hard Notre Dame fan! He grew up in California and listened to the Ari Parsigian radio show every Sunday (he is a devout Catholic boy!) our Bucket list is for me to take him to a Penn State game next fall and the following year we are going to a Notre Dame game! Can not wait!!

    1. This is amazing! :) You'll love going to the ND game! My husband was born in State College, moved around a lot, then was back there for high school. He wants to take me to a PSU game sometime, which I think would be so fun! And hooray for not liking OSU and USC - you have fabulous taste! ;)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Oh and PS......we also share your hatred for Ohio State and USC! Ugh. Being that we live in California, we can not stand USC.


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