Friday, August 1, 2014

Delicious Acts of Kindness

It's the first of the month again!  But before diving into our delicious acts of kindness, I'd like to say that we've decided that for the month of August, we will be continuing with July's resolution: Spreading Love through Acts of Kindness.

It's been a great resolution, and we've seen that we can (and should) really expand on this even more in our lives.  So throughout this month, we'll be posting an Acts of Kindness List and several updates and lessons learned on individual acts of kindness we've done.  We hope you'll join us and share your favorite ways to spread love to others through acts of kindness too!

Ok, now back to it!  

Performing acts of kindness has been the perfect resolution for me this month because generosity is something I've really needed to work on.  This has really helped me to be more giving of my time, talent, and treasure.

I must say though that most of our family's acts of kindness have been food-related.  Because everyone loves food, right?!

We made frozen meals for a friend whose son had surgery and for a co-worker who had surgery.  We brought special treats without being asked to several different get-togethers.  I made my brother-in-law's favorite dish for a get-together just because.  As a surprise, I'm going to buy everyone ice cream at the zoo as we celebrate Katie's birthday today - shhhhh! ;)  And for my own family, I've made my husband's favorite meals several times, and I've been making mealtime fun for the kids, by letting them have their favorites more often (mac 'n cheese or pancakes) and by making little scenes or fun shapes out of their meals.

It's more fun to eat when it's in pretty shapes!

I've been surprised by the reactions I've received.  I (wanted and) thought they would go unnoticed.  But every time, I've received the biggest smiles and "thank yous".  My co-worker's eyes filled up with tears as she hugged me in thanks.  My bro-in-law was so excited and couldn't stop saying "Thank you!"  My husband's eyes lit up when I told him we were having his fave meal for dinner.  My kids giggle at all the designs I make with their food.

What has this shown me?  Even the smallest acts of kindness mean something so always give of yourself when you have the chance.

Oh yeah, and that everyone loves food.

So what are some delicious acts of kindness you've done for others?


  1. Girllll, my love language is food! ;) So this is something that I can get behind! :)

    1. After looking back at all the Acts of Kindness we've done so far, I guess it must be my love language too! haha -Jess

  2. This is so sweet! Whenever I make dessert, I always make a big enough batch to send to my husband's secretary. She's an older woman that lives alone and doesn't cook for herself anymore so it's great to treat her :)

    1. That is so sweet and a really great idea! I will have to add that to our list of Acts of Kindness too. Thanks for sharing! -Jess


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