Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bridal Shower Games

Bridal Shower Game Ideas -

This past weekend, we threw a fall themed bridal shower for our soon to be sister-in-law. I love planning parties and showers, and my favorite part is coming up with the games.  Here are some fun shower games that we have used (with some printables at the end of the post):

1. The first game we played this past weekend was The Price is Right: Bridal Edition. For this, I got nine household items to give to the bride - but you could theme it as kitchen items, cleaning supplies, etc.  The guests had to guess the original price of each item and also the grand total. Whoever is closest to the total without going over is the winner! It was funny to see how off we were on totals because none of us could do it without thinking of Cartwheel deals or coupons! :)

2.  We played an Emergency Kit Memory Game next. I had my mom walk around with a tray full of items that Karissa would need as a bridal emergency kit on her wedding day. After everyone looked at the tray, my mom left the room and I asked questions about my mom's outfit, jewelry, etc. After they answered those five questions, then they could write down the items from the tray. Whoever had the most items won - our winner guessed 12 out of the 17!

Bridal Shower Game Ideas -
Some ideas for the wedding day emergency kit :)

3.  Another game we played was a Disney Love Song game - our brother and his future wife are going on a Disney Cruise for their honeymoon! :)  I had a quote from a famous Disney movie love song, and then the guests had to write down the song title and movie. Our youngest sister is a little Disney obsessed, and she easily got all of them right! It is a lot harder than it sounds to guess the song when you are just reading the words.

4.  A fun (and challenging) game that we played at my bridal shower was the Newlywed Game.  My friends came up with a bunch of questions that they asked my now husband - anything from what was his favorite color to "if Katie was a type of cookie, what kind would she be?"  Then at the shower they asked me those same questions and I had to answer how I thought John (my husband) answered. If I got it wrong, I had to put a piece of gum in my mouth. We used Bubblicious gum - which is HUGE - and by the end, I couldn't even speak. John didn't know his answers were being read out loud or what it was for, so he gave some very random answers...making my job a lot harder!

5.  For Jess' shower, we played Charades/Pictionary.  I had movies (The Wedding Singer, Princess Bride, The Wedding Planner, etc), songs (Going to the Chapel, Love Shack, Cupid Shuffle, etc), and common wedding words/phrases (Just Married, Kiss the Bride, Cutting the Cake, Tossing the Bouquet, etc) on folded up pieces of paper. We split up into two teams and the player could either draw or act out what was on their card. Her friends really got into it, so it was a lot of fun!

Bridal Shower Game Ideas -

If you would like to play the first three games, feel free to print them off and use at your next shower!

The Price is Right Game
The Wedding Day Emergency Kit Memory Game
The Disney Love Song Game (with answer key)

What shower games are your favorites? I'm always looking for new ones for future showers that I'll get to plan!  :)

Bridal Shower Game Ideas -

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  1. very cute! and i'm not even into games at showers!

  2. These are such great games - none of them awkward, which I appreciate!! :) At my bridal shower we had a wedding bingo... one of my bridesmaids went through my registry and saw which items were purchased and put the items in a different order on each bingo card - and whoever got 5 in a row first won... it was great!


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