Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Home Tour: House Project To Do List {Tuesday Talk #81}

Today's Show and Tell Tuesday theme is Home Tour with Andrea from Momfessionals, and well, my home is in no shape for a real tour.  So here's a tour around my house with my to do list instead!  Ha!

Here are the 5 house projects we're working on right now:
My favorite room of the house!

Craft Room
We finally got my craft room put together last year, and now we need to get it set up as a play school area too.  We decided to keep J home for another year before Kindergarten (she just barely makes the age cut-off) AND to homeschool preschool her.

We did some preschool at home last year, but I got off track during the holidays, and I'm embarrassed to say we never got back on track.  I'd love your thoughts on a complete preschool curriculum that's already put together (preferably Christian or Catholic based).  What has worked for you?

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A glimpse at the vintage World Map I got for the boys' bedroom!

Boys' Bedroom
Before we know it, L will be moving in to a big boy bedroom with B!  I'm dreaming up an awesome space for them: Adventures and Explorers!  So it'll be a mixture of nautical things, globes, maps, outdoors, camping, etc.

I fell in love with these navy blue and white striped curtains from Target, so I went ahead and got them.  I love the broad, bold stripe and that it's a classic, yet modern nautical look.  They're black out too, which makes them absolutely perfect!  I also have a old schoolroom pull down map of the world, a vintage globe, and an old poster of Jesus at the helm with a young man (it was my husband's when he was a boy!).

So now I get to design the rest of room around these 4 things - and I have so many ideas thanks to Pinterest!  Now I'm ready to hit the stores once all the back-to-college specials start later this month!

Master Bedroom
Anyone else's master end up being the catch all room?  Ours just needs cleared out and cleaned up!  Then we can get a nice, oversized comfy chair in the corner where we can read together every night!

And this isn't even half of the storage we have in our laundry room...oh, the possibilities!

Laundry Room
It's been a bright aqua from day 1.  Even though it doesn't look it in the picture, trust me, it's neon blue!  I'm looking forward to painting it and actually utilizing all of the wonderful storage we have...instead of just throwing all our household products up there.

A gallery wall for the kids' art projects in their playroom

Gallery Walls
I need to fill in our picture frames all around the house.  I have lots of frames up...that are still empty.  And lots of family pictures that need to be updated.  I'm also excited to print up some of my own creations to put around the house!

I'm especially pumped about the gallery wall in the kids' playroom (pictured above).  I'm going to let them fill these frames and shelves with their artwork.  But the question is: should I paint all of the frames white or should I go with various different colors that coordinate with the room?

So that's my what-we're-working-on home tour!  What house projects are on your to do list?

Happy Tuesday!

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