Monday, September 1, 2014

Monthly Resolution: Finishing Projects

Resolution:  Finishing up projects.

Summer always seems to be so busy: outdoor fun, family activities, walks and bike rides, visiting the park and zoo, and just enjoying the nice weather.  So while all this fun is happening, the project list grows longer and longer.  Now, with summer coming to an end, it's time to buckle down and check some things off the list.

We've had a few projects lingering around here, so this month we've decided that our resolution is going to be finishing some of them.

Jessica's Project List

1.  Work on our daughter J's bedroom.  Last month, I found the perfect quilt for her bed and wall decorations for her big girl bedroom.  And they've just been sitting since then (and not quite as neatly as pictured below ;).  Now, I need to give them all a home in her room.

I do have a few projects to tackle for her room as well - painting the spice-rack-turned-bookshelves and mirror frames (pictured below) and finding fabric for the embroidery hoops and bulletin board.

I found two of these beauties for above the two beds.  Now, what color should I paint them?  White?  Help me please!

I know I won't be able to completely finish her room (I still need to find curtains and nightstands), but my goal is to finish up with everything I already have.

2.  Finish my hutch-turned-baby-changing-table/dresser project.  I just have a few finishing touches left to do.  I'll be posting about the whole furniture makeover project in the next week or two.  Here's the "before":

Although with the new handles...I forgot to take a before picture with the old ones!

It's definitely the most ambitious Pinterest project I've ever done.  It's going to look great in the nursery.  I can't wait to show you the "after" soon!

Katie's Project List

1.  Finish up the entryway.  I've been wanting to work on my entryway for some time.  I have several frames and canvases that need to be put somewhere, and I think this might be the spot!

2.  Paint.  And I definitely want to paint the entryway as well.  I'm thinking stripes.  I've seen that you can buy stripe wall decals...  Has anyone tried this before? 

My inspiration: Via

Now, I just have to find the right colors and decide on which walls the stripes will go!  Any ideas?

We are definitely procrastinators when it comes to decorating the house, so we hope this resolution will help keep us accountable and help us to finally get some projects done!

What's on your project or Pinterest to-do list?

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  1. Jeeeez Can i come live in her new room? I'm obsessed with that quilt, those mirrors, that dresser....all of it! And I'm 26! Love love love it!

    1. Thank you! I thought they were pretty fun finds! I love them too! I guess I'm kind of decorating it for myself in a way...because I don't think my husband would go for that color scheme ;) -Jess

  2. i need to get better about finishing projects, but yours actually look fun!

    1. I always get excited, go get the supplies, and then...nothing. I'm hoping this will get me motivated to do some projects! And I hope they actually will be fun to do too! ;) -Jess


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