Tuesday, May 10, 2016

My Personal Style: Classical, Colorful Me (Tuesday Talk #71)

I'm definitely not a fashion expert (not even close!), but I thought it would be fun to jump in on Andrea's "My Personal Style" post for Show and Tell Tuesday!

I consider my personal style to be classic and colorful.  And beyond clothes, my style reaches into how I decorate my home as well.  Before I buy clothes or jewelry, decorate a room, or buy furniture, I always specifically look at these 5 things:

My Notre Dame look: kelly green and navy blue with gold jewelry
1.  Color.  
I love color.  There really must be a pop of color (or pattern) in my outfit somewhere, somehow.  This is probably my favorite part of my style: colors and patterns - mixing them together or just adding one little pop.  My absolute favorite is polka dots.  I just love dots!

2.  Classic.  
I love classic and traditional, but I don't mind some modern trends too.  I always ask myself a few questions before buying or designing anything: In 5 or 10 years, will this still be 'in'?  Or will it look like I'm still living in (insert the current year here)?  Will I look back at pictures and think, "What was I thinking?!"  Whatever I choose must stand the test of time (also because...#4 below!)

A summer church outfit: a classic floral print sundress
with a mint cardigan and pretty sandals

3.  Trendy.  
Going off what I said above, I like to stay on the neutral side of trends.  So I tend to stick with more traditional clothes and decor and just add a touch of something trendy - like accessories or artwork - so that I look like I'm still living in the current century.

A fun summer outfit: hot pink tee, jean shorts, and
a fun & bright polka dot purse and necklace

4.  Price. 
I'm cheap frugal, so I only buy something if it's on sale.  And when decorating, I never buy everything all at once.  I usually buy one piece at a time because I wait for deals.  This is the most frustrating part of my style because I would much rather decorate a room all at once instead of taking a year or two to complete it.  But saving money is so worth it in the end!

A cute summer look: a graphic tee with a Bible verse,
teal sandals & polka dot headwrap, and a jean pencil skirt

5.  Faith. 
Our style always says something about us, so I try to dress modestly and have religious decor in our home.  When I look in the mirror and around my home, it is a physical reminder of our Faith to me and my family and it helps keep God at the forefront of our thoughts.  There aren't any hard and fast rules on this.  (I just be creative and myself!)  I know that appearance isn't everything.  And I don't do this to brag or for approval from others.  I do this for me and my little family.  I think my Faith should play a role in my appearance and in my home, especially as an example and reminder to my children, so it is something I always keep in mind for myself and family!

Whew, I survived my first fashion post!  That was kind of fun, but I don't think I'll be making it a habit!  (I think I'll leave that to my favorite fashionistas Becky, Shelly, and Tiffany!)

So what do you consider when shopping for clothes and decor?  What is your personal style?

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Now, on to the party!  Wow, there were so many great posts last week!  I can't wait to see what you share this week!  Happy Tuesday!

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