Friday, February 12, 2016

Five Faves: Lenten Edition

Lent began on this week on Ash Wednesday.  The Lenten season is one of my favorite times in the Church year because it is full of quiet reflection, repentance, and growth.

So to kick off Lent, here are few quick and random things I've been thinking about concerning Lent this year:

1.  What Lent Is Really About
I loved Kathryn Whitaker's post Giving Up on Lent:

"You don’t have to be some super, ├╝ber-Catholic to get box seats for Lent. You just have to open and willing to be transformed."  

Lent is for everyone - it's about being the best disciple you can be!  May what we sacrifice and what we do this Lent lead us closer to Christ!

2.  Lent for Kids
I'm looking forward to teaching the kids more about Lent this year.  Lacy from Catholic Icing has a great round up of Lenten Activities for Kids.

Last year, we made her Stations of the Cross "Easter" Eggs.  This is a great hands on activity for teaching children Jesus's story leading up to His Crucifixion.

This year, we will for sure be using the Lent Countdown Calendar and make her pretzel crown of thorns.  There are so many more great ideas too!  I know the kids will love these crafts and activities - and they'll learn a lot about the Faith too!

3.  Lenten Decor
This simple wreath and this Crown of Thorns centerpiece are perfect!  Could it get any easier than a grapevine wreath with toothpicks?

4.   Meatless Meals
The first thing I saw on Ash Wednesday was a Burger King ad for a Fish Sandwich.  Ha!  It's time for meatless Fridays!

So I have my go-to list of 35 or so meatless recipes ready to go.  but I'm surfing Pinterest for some more because I just love making new recipes!  What are your favorite meatless recipes?

5.  Ash Wednesday
Lastly, a few fun pictures from our Ash Wednesday:

"Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return."

I took all 3 kids to Mass by myself for the first time (since my husband had a meeting).  I was scared out of my mind, but they ended up being pretty darn good.  Whew!  I thought I was going to be starting off Lent with a major penance, but it ended up a major blessing!

So are you participating in Lent this year?  Or as Kathryn asked in her post, "How are you going to be TRANSFORMED this Lent?"

I pray that me and my family can grow in holiness and in a deeper relationship with Christ this Lent, and I pray the same for you too!

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