Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Yellowstone: God's Beauty in Nature

The Lower Falls in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone National Park

My husband and I love vacations focused on nature and hiking, so our favorite places to visit are State and National Parks.  Every Park is so unique and beautiful!

I especially love this type of trip because nature really speaks to me of the beauty of God's creation and how His Hand is in every minute detail.

Every little petal on a flower, stone on the mountainside, blade of grass on the plain, or ripple in the water was thought out by Him and put in a specific place for a specific purpose.  Each little thing is it's own masterpiece, and then, when you put them all together, it's breathtaking.

Sunrise on Yellowstone Lake

It really makes me see how each person as an individual is called by God for a specific purpose.  I am His masterpiece.  Me!  And so are my friends, my husband, my kids, the cashier at Target, my patients at the office...every single person!

We all have a unique calling from God, and when all of us come together striving to live out our individual callings (even with our faults and failings!), what an amazing sight that is!

I pray that I/you may live out God's Plan for me/you!

A herd of bison grazing at Yellowstone National Park

And it might sound crazy (so please don't snicker!), but I really do think about all of this when we're out in nature, whether it's hiking in the mountains of a National Park or just playing under the trees in our backyard.   

There is just something about being in nature that really makes God's awesomeness stand out to me! 

Jim and I waiting for Old Faithful to erupt (2009)

So of all of the places we have been able to visit, the vacation spots that struck us the most of God's beauty in nature were the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks:

Grand Tetons

Sunrise on Yellowstone Lake with geysers erupting at the water's edge

Geyser erupting in the Biscuit Basin

Morning Glory Pool

One of the numerous colorful hot springs

Another colorful hot spring
Mammoth Hot Springs

Emerald Pool

The Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone National Park

Old Faithful Geyser

After seeing these pictures, you totally want to go to Yellowstone now, right?  I know we sure want to go again!  It is the most incredible and beautiful place we've ever been.

So what is your fave vacation spot?  What do you love most about it?  I'm looking forward to hearing about your fave places!  (I'll have to add them to our must-visit list!)

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  1. Oh my word, those are amazing photos!!! That is a place I must see in person someday, wow!

  2. WOW!! Amazing photos!! Looks like you really saw God's creation up close !!!

  3. Your photos are amazing!! ...and now I have added the Grand Tetons to my travel list! Our God is truly an amazing, creative Artist!

  4. I love the photos. One day I will go to Yellowstone, and your pics make me want to go more! I have a dream of traveling all of the united states and hope to see all of it's beauty.

  5. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL photos! Jared and I really want to get out West- there is SO much to see! :) I made it out to Colorado and Wyoming as a kid but I really want to see Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon + more!

  6. What gorgeous photos!! Those are my favorite national parks. They are just so awe inspiring!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  7. These photos are beautiful. My husband traveled cross country while in college and he has some similar pictures of his trip. This was one of his many stops.

  8. It is so breathtaking. So many times we just stood there in awe of what we were seeing. I sure hope we can go back. Definitely go if you can! You won't regret it! -Jess

  9. It was so beautiful! I hope we can go back someday! -Jess

  10. The Tetons and Yellowstone are very close together too - so hit both if you go!!! :) -Jess

  11. We would love to do that too! I think it would be so fun to travel around the US and visit all of the National Parks. I hope you get a chance to visit Yellowstone someday!!! -Jess

  12. Yes, the Grand Canyon too! We also really want to see Yosemite. We're planning for that for our 10 year 2 years! haha I hope you guys get a chance to go out there soon, Erin!!! -Jess

  13. I just love it there! We're really hoping to make it to Yosemite next. I'm sure it's just as amazing! -Jess

  14. Wow, that would be really fun to do! We're hoping that someday we can travel around the US like that. Have a wonderful day, Michelle! -Jess

  15. Those pictures are AWESOME! I'd love to visit Yellowstone one day!

  16. Loved all of your pictures. The Grand Tetons, Yellowstone and Jackson Hole, WY are some of our very favorite spots in the country. They are so beautiful - I've never seen anything like it. We took a similar picture in front of Old Faithful - freezing in June waiting for it to go :) I can't wait to visit some more parks in the years to come.

  17. We've been to Yellowstone but we went during the winter. We snowmobiled to Old Faithful (and even got lost coming home!). It was SO much fun! Have you ever been to Utah? We drove through on our way to California last summer and I would love to go back! Absolutely breathtaking! Thank you so much for linking up with Waiting on...Wednesday at While I'm Waiting! Hope to have you back again this week!

  18. I hope you can! It's AMAZING! In case you didn't get that from my post above ;) -Jess

  19. Our pic was at the end of August! I think July might be the only completely warm month there lol. It's worth it no matter the temperature though. :) -Jess

  20. I would love to visit more places out West. I've never been to Utah - did you go to a National or State Park? You'll have to go back to Yellowstone in the summer! Thanks for hosting! - Jess

  21. We went to Bryce Canyon National Park - amazing! Wish we would have had more time there! I would LOVE to take the kids to Yellowstone! Being away from it all and enjoying nature is quickly becoming my favorite way to vacate!

  22. I've heard Bryce Canyon was a great place to visit. There are so many great places out West! I hear you on being away from it all and enjoying nature. Last year, we went to Hocking Hills, Ohio. Zero cell phone reception - it was really nice!!! -Jess


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