Friday, May 5, 2017

Five on Friday {Or 500 on Friday}

Hey, friends!  It's been too long!

So I could really title this: 500 on Friday because we have really had that much going on over the past two months.  And unfortunately a lot of it hasn't been all that great.  Hence the reason I have not been on here much lately!  But I'm hoping to remedy that in the next month!

So today I'm just going to share 5 exciting things that I've done this week, and the other 495 things will just have to wait for a later post.  So basically here is my Giveaways Galore 5 on Friday:

A Big Celebration!
I hit some major milestones with my shop Sweet Little Ones Shop!  I am up to 1200 sales and celebrated my 1 year anniversary!  I am so happy creating printables for people to beautify their homes and hopefully encourage them in their spiritual lives.  And I'm so excited to use this money towards adopting again in the future (oh, I pray we can!)!

Everyone wins!
So I am celebrating with tons of giveaways!  The first is one where everyone wins!  Sign up for my newsletter and get this Pray, Hope, and Don't Worry printable on Monday.  That's it!  And as a subscriber, you'll also get free printables every month (and an extra on your birthday!).

$30 in Sweet Little Ones Shop Credit
Another giveaway!  My Do Small Things with Great Love print giveaway has closed, but the $30 in shop credit giveaway is still on!  You can use it for anything in the shop - including custom work!  Click here to enter!

A Printable Prize Pack
And you could win a digital prize pack of my 6 most popular printables + 1 of your choice!  Click here to enter! 

Which printable of the 6 pictured above is your favorite?  My favorite is the Do Small Things with Great Love!

Grand Prize
And last but not least - the grand prize giveaway!  You're the first to know, but the grand prize is all of the previous giveaway prizes combined!!!  Yay!!!

A Do Small Things with Great Love print, $30 in shop credit, and the digital prize pack + 1 of your choice!  I'll be posting it this afternoon, so follow me at Sweet Little Ones on Instagram and enter this afternoon!

It's been a fun, exciting week and that has been a great change for me!  I have really needed it.  I'm looking forward to being around more over the next couple months.  But for now, have a great weekend and God bless!

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