Friday, July 8, 2016

What Is Our World Coming To?

I can't even process what all has happened over the past few days. So many senseless killings. My heart is broken for all of the families of the deceased and those who killed them. So many lives and families torn apart.

I'll admit I'm terrified for my boys. Someday, they'll be grown black men. Will a wrong judgment based on the color of their skin cost them their reputation or their life? As their mother, it's hard not to be scared for them.

At the same time, I also have so much respect for law enforcement. I am so grateful to those men and women who risk their lives to protect, serve, and keep our communities safe (and their families too).

I just keep thinking, "What kind of world am I living in?" But what keeps coming to my mind is what Mother Teresa said: "Love begins at home and it is not how much we do....but how much love we put in that action". Besides praying for our country, it's really the best thing my family can do right now. Be an example of true, authentic love to my kids and everyone we meet.

God, have mercy on us all.

Thank you to everyone who has not remained silent through their words and actions over the past few days (in support of law enforcement, the black community, and the state of our country).  I just wanted to share with you some other people's thoughts that I've found encouraging during this horrifyingly sad time in our country:

Please let us all join together in prayer for our country, in raising loving children, and in being a loving example to everyone we meet.

St. Martin de Porres, patron saint of social justice and race relations, pray for us!

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