Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My Favorite Summer Styles {Tuesday Talk #80}

Today, I'm jumping in with my own little summer fashion post for Shelly's "Summer Go-To Looks" for Spiel the Beans!  I usually don't write about fashion, but I couldn't resist this prompt: summertime has such fun, bright styles, which are my faves!

My favorite summer looks must have a pop of color, a fun pattern, and must be something I love and feel beautiful in:

This is sums up my everyday look: halfway between dressing up and yoga pants.  My sweet spot is definitely a little more dressy - it's due to wearing scrubs (aka work pajamas) at my job at the dental office everyday for 10 years.  I'm just making up for lost time by being a little more dressy most days!

I absolutely love these mint polka dot shorts!  I actually have two pairs - the other is in navy blue.  These mint ones are such a fun, bright color.  I also love them because you just can't beat polka dots in my book.  They're my absolute favorite pattern!  And the embroidered neckline on this white top is so pretty and delicate too.  I just love how this goes together and how I feel in it.

I love, love, love pencil skirts!  A jean one is perfect for everyday wear for me.  I love pairing it with my fitted graphic tee of a Bible verse, green polka dot headwrap, and teal sandals.  It's such a cute, and comfortable summer look!

My hiking, walking, bicycling, let's-get-out-and-move wear: a Notre Dame tee, jean shorts, and gray and hot pink Nikes.  I hate to admit it, but I really don't exercise so this is as close as it gets to work out clothes for me!

My favorite go-to outfit for church is a light dress, cute sandals, beautiful jewelry, and a colorful cardigan.  I first bought this dress in black (see the next outfit!), and I loved it so much, I bought it in two more colors!  (Anyone else do this?!  I think a third of my wardrobe are repeats but in different colors.  And my shoes too...as you can see every sandal in this post is the same but different colors!)

This is one of my new favorite color combos: salmon pink, bright blue, and gold.  Here's a little closer detail:

Now, I know this is supposed to be about summer looks and here I have a long sleeved cardigan styled with this summer dress.  Well, they pump up the AC at Mass so I need long sleeves so I don't freeze!

Here's another church (or date night) favorite of mine.  The best part about this dress (and the blue one above) is that it's fairly neutral.  I can add almost any pop of color I want to it.  I have cardigans, headbands, and jewelry in so many different colors that it is so fun to change up the look of this piece!

It's bright, it's fun, it's pink, it has polka dots - need I say more?!  This is my #1 favorite summer outfit!

I'm definitely not a fashion expert, but I've had fun stepping up my game in the outfit department over the past 2 years.  And it's all thanks to Shelly, Becky, and Tiffany!  They've really been a great inspiration to me and have taught me a lot.  Thanks, ladies, for helping me to look and feel beautiful in what I wear everyday!

What are your favorite summer go-to looks?

I'm looking forward to getting some more inspiration from your fave summer styles!


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