Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sweet Little Tidbits {Volume 2}

Every other week, I share the sweet little tidbits of my life: what we're up to, things that encourage me and are thought provoking, my favorites, new finds, recipes, or reads, and whatever fun randomness that I think will be inspiring!

Sandbox Fun
Katie from Cup of Tea came up with a genius idea for kids for the summer.  It's an inexpensive and less messy version of a sandbox.  I'll be happy; my kids will be happy.  Be still, my OCD heart.

Family Bike Rides
We finally got a bike carrier for our youngest!  We've had a pull behind carrier, but it only carries two.  Now, all 5 of us can ride together as a family.  We took it out for a spin a few days ago, and let's just say, it was a big hit!

Then, last night J rode on a big girl bike with training wheels for the first time!  (How can she be that old already?!)  It looks like we'll be having lots of family bike rides this summer!

My Anti-Inflammatory Diet
As I mentioned before, I'm on a special diet to help keep my endometriosis from flaring up post surgery.  And it's going pretty well overall!

There are definitely certain foods I miss (like cheese and eating out at my fave restaurants), but it really hasn't been too bad.  I've gotten through the hardest part, and now I'm adding one new food back in every other day.  (Only 2 more months til I can have dairy again!!!)  And I'm feeling better for the most part too!

My favorite part about this diet is that I've found lots of awesome new foods and recipes that will be here to stay (like coconut oil, Alexis's Brownie Cookies, and cauliflower alfredo sauce).  They are so delicious and so much healthier!

The worst part is that I have to make everything from scratch including crackers, tortillas, tomato sauce, chicken broth, etc.  A huge chunk of time everyday is spent making or prepping for meals.  Not to mention, several of these recipes take hours to cook, so I have to really plan ahead.  I did not anticipate the amount of time this would take on a daily basis, so I'm looking forward to being able to use some convenience foods know, like buying a loaf of bread!

One of my favorite summertime activities is working in the yard and garden.  Right now, our strawberry plants are blooming and have several little green strawberries growing.  (Now I just need to convert my favorite Amish Strawberry Shortcake recipe to gluten- and dairy-free!)

We also bought tomato, cherry tomato, and green bean plants as part of my Mother's Day gift.  I can't wait to plant them!  What do you grow in your garden?

Little Boy's Bedroom
Before too long L will be moving in with B, so I've been thinking about how to decorate their bedroom.  We love National Parks and the outdoors so I'm going with an adventure theme.  I've found some great things at Target and garage sales, and I've been designing some art for their room myself.  It has been so fun!  I can't wait to share my finds and all of my ideas with you soon!

So what have you been up to lately?  What sweet little thoughts, inspirations, and moments have filled your week?

Have a wonderful weekend!

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