Monday, May 16, 2016

Our Summer Bucket List

Last year, I made a Summer Fun List of all the things we wanted to do (and we did most of them!), so I definitely wanted to make another list for this year.  I can't wait for all the fun this summer will bring!  Here's our Summer Bucket List:

Zoo Trips
We hope to visit at least 2-3 different zoos and aquariums this year.  The kids are always excited to watch (and sometimes pet and feed!) the animals.  So going to the zoo is one of our favorite summer activities because it always feels like we're explorers on an adventure!

You might as well eat it straight off the grill, am I right?

Picnics (and Grilling Out!)
We love grilling out and going on picnics, whether it's at home or at the park.  We've already had a few backyard lunch picnics this spring, so we're really looking forward to going on more - and breaking out the grill too! 

Checking out the working Grist Mill at Spring Mill State Park

State Parks
We're planning on visiting at least 2 state parks this summer.  You just can't beat swimming, hiking, exploring, and being in nature!

A sweet daddy/daughter moment! (Spring Mill State Park)

We hope to go to the beach at least once this summer.  We started this tradition 2 years ago, and it's quickly becoming one of our favorites!

We loved painting with our homemade Sidewalk Chalk Paint!

Sidewalk Chalk
Last year, I made a giant list of over 45 sidewalk chalk games and activities.  We had so much fun trying out so many new ways to play with sidewalk chalk, so we're looking forward to trying out even more this summer!

Riding Bikes
We finally got a carrier for L, so now we can all ride together!  And J has started riding a bicycle with training wheels.  So I think we'll be having a lot of family bike rides together this summer!  (Sorry for the repeat pics from last week - they're just too cute not to share again!)

So proud!

Planting a Garden
We're scaling back a little this year.  We have strawberries, but we're only planting tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and green beans.  We threw our old gourds and pumpkins in there from last fall, so maybe we'll have a few of those too!  I'm looking forward to watching everything grow with the kids!

Summer Reading Program goodies (and giggles!)

Learning Programs
Two things that we will definitely do this summer are the Summer Reading Program at the library and swim lessons for the kids.  I just love watching their little minds and bodies grow and learn!

Reading library books in the fort!

We're planning on having lots of adventures everyday, like reading in the swingset fort, exploring while we take walks, splashing in the kiddie pool, running through the sprinkler, seeing animals at the fair, trying new flavors at the ice cream shop, blowing bubbles, flying kites, playing in the rain, and laughing...lots of laughing!


Enjoying time at home as a family
And maybe my favorite summer time activity is just relaxing and staying home with my family.  We definitely like to go out and have adventures, but it's so nice to just be a family at home too.  So while we have a lot of fun things planned, we also leave a lot of unplanned time too.

Pioneer garden at Spring Mill State Park

Every year as the kids get older, I get more excited for all the fun that summer brings.  They can do a little bit more every year so it adds to the fun!

What is on your Summer Bucket List this year?
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