Friday, April 29, 2016

Sweet Little Tidbits {Volume 1}

Once a week (or maybe twice a month?), I'm going to share the sweet little tidbits of life: what we're up to, things that encourage me and are thought provoking, favorites, new finds, recipes, or reads, and whatever fun randomness that I think will be inspiring!

1.  This past weekend, we celebrated L's 1st Birthday!  We had perfect weather and a great time celebrating our little L with our families. 

I absolutely looooove making all the decorations for the kids' parties, and this one turned out so cute!  I'll be sharing more details of his Charlotte's Web party in a future post!

2.  And speaking of books, today I'm sharing our top 20 favorite picture books for boys with Whitney at Polka-Dotty Place as a part of her Mom-Vice series.  We are always reading, and these are the best of the best!  What books would you add to our list?

Do Small Things with Great Love

3.  I'm really excited about something I've been working on lately - my new Etsy shop - Sweet Little Ones Shop!

I've always loved creating beautiful things and being crafty, so I'm excited to go on this new adventure where I can combine my love of art with my faith.  Right now, I'm offering printables (mostly of Bible verses), and I hope to add invitations, Scripture cards, and more very soon! 

Sweet Little Ones Shop is only just getting started, and I can't wait to create more!  What's your favorite from the shop?

My new favorite brownie/cookie!

4.  My new anti-inflammatory diet is going much better now!  Those first two weeks were rough, but I've slowly been adding one new food every or every other day.  My best find this week: Alexis's Fudgy Brownie Cookies!  They are dairy- and gluten-free and perfectly hit the spot for this girl who has been dying for chocolate!  Now, if only I could have some milk to sip on with it...

5.  After I posted this week about our unexplained peace with our infertility following my recent surgery, I saw that this just so happens to be Infertility Awareness Week.  God has perfect timing with His gentle nudges to share our journeys and hearts.  Thank you for your prayers, support, and encouragement for us!  It means the world to us.

What sweet little moments, thoughts, and tidbits have filled your week?

I'm linking up with these parties,
especially with Anne and Jenna for their Currently link up: 
1. Celebrating L's 1st Birthday, 2. Reading boy's books,
3. Going on a new adventure with my new Sweet Little Ones Shop
4. (I wish I was) Sipping on milk, and 5. Pondering the perfect timing of God! 

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