Monday, April 4, 2016


We're excited to start a new Instagram community of moms where we can come together in the beautiful, crazy, and glorious messes of motherhood!

Glorious motherhood means to live in the ordinary.  To find beauty and redemption in the everyday things.  From laundry to dishes.  Sticky floors and wet diapers.  As we celebrate glorious motherhood, we see God's glory.

Together, we can lift up our weary and wonder-filled hearts.  The journey of motherhood can feel isolating, so let's stand up and say together: Good job, mama!  You can do this!  Motherhood is hard, but oh so glorious!  No one will condemn or scoff at your choices or ideas.  Motherhood is glorious in all of its facets.

How are your everyday moments as a mom glorious?  Every first and third Monday of the month, we would love for you to jump on Instagram to join us and so many other moms just like you and share how beautiful those everyday moments are!

Together, let's encourage each other in our vocation as a mom and say: Motherhood is glorious!

I'm linking up with these awesome parties!

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