Wednesday, February 24, 2016

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So it's been a hectic past month!  Here's what we've been up to lately...I'll start with the not-so-fun stuff first:

I've been in and out of the doctor's office a lot lately.  My endometriosis has been slowly becoming very painful again, so it's time for another surgery this Spring.  This will be my third surgery of this kind since 2009.  Sigh.

We're also digging a little deeper into several of my already known issues to see if there is anything else going on.  For example, this week I had a food sensitivity blood panel done.  It's a strong possibility that certain foods may be causing more internal inflammation, which aggravates the endo.  And this leads me to what I'm...

I am not looking forward to finding out just one thing on that food sensitivity panel - if I'm sensitive to milk!  I love milk!  Like addicted.  I literally crave it when I haven't had it for a day.  Sigh, but I'll do what I have to.  And I will try to be pleasant about it ;)

Craving and Eating
I want to eat everything that is bad for me right now before I find out what I can't have for awhile!  My 5 faves: chicken club pizza, authentic Mexican food, Amish donuts, Texas Roadhouse, and potato chips with French onion dip...I will most definitely enjoy these treats often over the next month!

Thank You!
Before I move on to the fun stuff that we've been up to, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for all of the encouragement, support, and prayers since I mentioned what we've been going through a month or two ago.  You guys are the best.

Also, the doctor has a few concerns since some of the endo is wrapped around my large intestine, but we're hoping for the best.  So we need all the prayers we can get!  Please continue to pray for us, especially for good results, emotional and physical healing, and a quick and full recovery from surgery.  We greatly appreciate it!!!

Loving and Wishing
Spring is almost here!  Right?!  We are so ready for it after having two sunny and 60 degree days this past weekend.  What a beautiful tease it was!  (Especially since we're supposed to get 3-6 inches of snow tonight!)

We loved getting to be outside so much this past weekend.  J and B had a blast riding their ''bikes".  But it was especially fun watching L.  The last time it was warm enough to play outside, he couldn't even sit up yet.  Everything we did outside was like a whole new world to him.  I love seeing life through my children's eyes!

Having fun being L's chauffers

Well, it's that time of year where I might be wearing a parka one day and just a fleece jacket the next.  But I'll take it since we're heading closer and closer to short sleeves and sandals!

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Reading and Learning
I'm reading Everyday Sacraments: The Messy Grace of Parenting by Laura Kelly Fanucci with my Mom's Group.  It has been excellent so far!  It's a quick read, easy to understand, funny, and relatable. I love how Laura has filled this book with everyday mom moments and then shows us how to view them through the eyes of faith.  I would highly recommend this as spiritual reading for moms.

Also, will you please keep the author in your prayers?  Laura is pregnant with twins and just discovered they have twin-to-twin transfusion.  Please pray for her, her husband and sons, and their unborn girls! a family, we've been reading/learning a lot about Lent!  I wrote a little more about what we're doing specifically here.  I feel like we've all been learning a lot together!

Looking forward to
L's 1st birthday is in one month!  I can't believe it has been a year since he suddenly came into our family.  What a blessing you are to us, little (big) L!

Those lips, those eyelashes, those cheeks!

What have you and your family been up to lately?  What are you most looking forward to this upcoming month?

Happy Wednesday!

Just a beautiful sunset from this past weekend that I had to share!

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