Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday Talk: What I've Been Reading

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Earlier in the year, I made a reading list - and I actually finished them all! That may not sound impressive, but I'm the queen of starting books and never finishing. So for me, this was an accomplishment. :) So, I knocked out a few more books in October and have already finished 2 this month! Here is what I've been reading:

Dad is Fat (Jim Gaffigan)  -  To be honest, I wasn't impressed. I think he is hilarious, but if you have seen/heard him perform, the book was pretty much it all repeated. So disappointing!

Heaven is Here (Stephanie Nielson)  -  I really enjoyed this book - very heartfelt and kept me intrigued the whole time. Stephanie blogs over at NieNie Dialogues (which you probably already know that :)) and the book is about her life before, during, and a little after the plane crash her and her husband survived back in 2008. The chapters about her life in the hospital had me in tears. Definitely recommend this book.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (Marie Kondo)  -  anyone else on the KonMari bandwagon? ;) I had to check it out because of the obsession over it. I thought it was ok...but I'm not a pack rat. My husband (who keeps everything!) read it and it did help him purge. We are in the process of cleaning out, and I think the book is keeping us motivated and focused. Some of the ideas were a little crazy, but for the most part, I enjoyed it.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays (Ree Drummond)  -  does a cookbook count? ;) I'm making a real effort to meal plan more and try new meals, and I just love Ree. Her recipes have never failed me, and I found a bunch of new ones to try this holiday season. I am already on the wait list at the library for her newest cookbook, Dinnnertime - can't wait!

The Shadow of the Bear, Black as Night, and Waking Rose (Regina Doman)  -  this is a series we are reading for a book club I'm in...and so far, we've discussed the first two books. And, I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who doesn't like them. Doman retells old Grimm stories in modern day time, and this series is the Snow White story. The plot is ok, but I just don't like the main characters...I find them annoying. haha  So, it's hard for me to keep reading, but I'm almost done!

Whew! Lots of reading going on over here...Abby is no longer taking afternoon naps, so we are having quiet/rest time instead. I'm relaxing and reading while she plays in quiet bins I made, reads her library books, or works on puzzles. Always nice to have some down time :)

What books have you been reading? What should I check out next?

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