Friday, November 20, 2015

High Five for Friday: November Highlights

This has been a week of excitement and preparation!  And none of it has to do with Thanksgiving...

World Adoption Day 2015
Did you know November is National Adoption Month?  We celebrated earlier this month on World Adoption Day with our smiley face hands.  This weekend, we have a prayer service and potluck dinner with other adoptive families in honor of this special month.  And next week, we're having a get together with one of children's birthparents.

Last year's World Adoption Day

Wow, what can happen in just one year...  Last year at this time, we were matched with twins...for the first time.  Little did we know that we'd end up losing two sets of twins in a two month span and then be blessed with our son L only 14 short hours after receiving the first phone call about him!  Adoption is quite the roller coaster of emotions...yet all worth it in the end!

Adoption is such a hard road but full of miracles too.  So will you please keep all of the waiting families and children, birthmothers and fathers, adoption agencies and lawyers, and adoptive families in your thoughts and prayers especially this month?  I can tell you from experience that your prayers truly matter to every single one of us!

I'm in the midst of a ton of "firsts".  In the past few weeks, L has started rolling to get where he wants, sitting up steadily, really babbling and saying "Da-da", and getting the hang of swallowing/eating real food.  L also started to pick up those little food puffs on his own and is actually put them in his own mouth.  Every day, he's learning something new!  This is my favorite baby stage - I just love when you can really see the wheels turning and things clicking together!

Spices and veggies ready!  Well, all except one...
This week I prepared for a freezer swap with my friends.  I made 6 Sausage and White Bean Chilis (one for myself, of course!), and I'll swap them at my book club tonight, so I'll come home with 5 different freezer meals.

Have you ever done this with your friends?  It's a great way to get some great new recipes and several ready-to-go home cooked meals!

Here's a tip if you do: make sure to check ALL of the ingredients before starting...not just the main ingredients!  I thought I was so well prepared!  Well, I ended up running out of a spice when I only needed 1 more teaspoon.  So I had to emergency text my husband a grocery list of...oregano!  Organization fail.

The kids love playing with their felt Nativity scene
We are so ready for Advent.  Although we're still preparing for it!  It begins Thanksgiving weekend!  This year, we're planning on focusing more on the true meaning of Christmas, having lots of saint celebrations, and doing acts of service for each other and those around us.

J loved cradling the felt Baby Jesus <3

I can't wait to get out the felt Nativity I made for the kids again - it was such a hit last year!  And along with our regular traditions like that one, we're going to be doing a couple of new things, like having a Jesse Tree and celebrating more feast days.  I'm looking forward to sharing all of our activities with you in my posts throughout December!

How do you and your family celebrate Advent?

Katie and I are so excited to be featured by the HF4F ladies this week!

So if you're new here, hello and welcome!

I'm Jess, a Catholic, crafty, book-loving adoptive mom of three kids 4 years old and under living this amazing, loving, and wild adventure alongside my husband Jim.  Oh yeah, and I'm a little crazy about hobbits, Switchfoot, Mexican food, and Notre Dame football too.  (Go Irish!  We're #4 in the playoff rankings!  Let's keep this up, boys!)  Here's a little more about me ;)

And here's all about my sister Katie and her lovely family!

So how about you?  Please introduce yourself in the comments below - we'd love to get to know you!

Hope you have a wonderful Friday and weekend!


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