Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Monthly Resolution: Stretch and Be Still (Tuesday Talk #36)


This year, I've been following along with Emily at Ember Grey's 12 Months of Bliss Challenge for my Start Fresh monthly resolutions.  Every month there is a new challenge that encourages loving yourself and others through acts of kindness and gratitude.  Count me in!

Well, this month, I'm switching it up a little.  Sarah at Abiding in Grace is having a month of Being Still.  It goes along perfectly with Emily's challenge this month: Stretch...and both are exactly what I need right now in my current season in life!

EG's Twelve Months of Bliss

September 2015:  Stretch and Be Still

Physically stretch for 20 minutes a day: 10 first thing in the morning and 10 before bed.  Take these 20 minutes of stretching to
breathe in,
and be still in God.

(You can read more about the challenge Stretch and safe ways to stretch from Emily here.  And you can read more about the challenge Be Still from Sarah here.)

On the first day of the challenge, I'll answer Emily's questions:

How do you typically feel when you wake up in the morning, and what are your mornings typically like? 

How do you feel when you go to sleep, and what are your evenings typically like? 

How would you describe your general feelings and mood throughout the day? 

In one word, how would you describe your average day? 

Then, on the last day of this challenge, I'll answer them again to see:

How have my answers changed? 

How did being still in God affect my mornings, evenings, entire day?

Via Abiding In Grace

I'll be sharing my thoughts and reflections with others completing the challenge all month long through #12MofBliss and then by linking up my reflections here at Sweet Little Ones on the last Wednesday of the month on Emily's blog Ember Grey.  You should join in!

I'm really looking forward to setting aside some quiet time where I can just breathe in and reflect on God's Word and presence...

So what is your favorite way to be still in God's presence?  

Or do you need to make room for some quiet time to be still in God too? 

Either way, why don't you join us?!  Let's encourage and inspire one another!


If you're interested in following along, 
you can read more about #12MofBliss here!
EG's Twelve Months of Bliss

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