Thursday, August 6, 2015

Monthly Resolution: A Life Inspired

This year, I'm going to be following along with Ember Grey's 12 Months of Bliss Challenge for my Start Fresh monthly resolution.  (Click here to check out our past resolutions :)

Each month there will be a challenge that encourages loving yourself and others through acts of kindness and gratitude.  We'd love it if you'd join us! 

EG's Twelve Months of Bliss

July 2015:  A Life Inspired

Challenge:  Make a physical inspiration board - without using Pinterest.  (I bet this will be more challenging than I think!)

Because of the busyness of everyday life, I tend to put my dreams and goals on the back burner.  And there they sit.  And sit.  And sit.  But this challenge will keep my goals and dreams at the front of my mind so I will keep inspiring towards them everyday.

So I'm going to use the bulletin board in our craft/school room to tack up things that inspire and encourage me:  people, quotes, places, decor, food, prayers - anything! 

I'm going to bring my kids in on this too.  (Great idea, Emily!)  So on the bulletin board, I put up little clipboards with their names on them.  And they can put up whatever they want.  I know they're pretty little to truly understand what we're doing, but I still think it'll be a fun thing for us to do together.  I can't wait to see what they choose!

Hey, and if you don't have a cork board, you can use a piece of paper, clipboard, face of your fridge - any place prominent - to tape, glue, use magnets, clip up things that inspire and encourage you.  (You can read more about this challenge from Emily here.)

Journal:  While doing this challenge, I'll reflect on Emily's questions:

What is on my Inspiration Board, and why did I choose these things?

After looking at these things for a month, do I feel inspired?

Am I living a life that allows room for dreaming?

And my question:  What can I learn from what inspires my children?

Community:  I'll be sharing my thoughts and reflections with others completing the challenge all month long through #12MofBliss and then by linking up my reflections here at Sweet Little Ones on the last Wednesday of the month on Emily's blog Ember Grey.  You should join in!

I love how Emily said in her post about this Inspiration Challenge: Everyday is a blank canvas.  What masterpiece will you create?  This fills me with a lot of hope - not just for this challenge, but for everyday life.  Everyday I can have a fresh start so that I can become a better wife, mother, friend, sister, daughter, and woman.  Now, that's encouraging! 

Why don't you join in?  Let's encourage and inspire one another!


If you're interested in following along, 
you can read more about #12MofBliss here!
EG's Twelve Months of Bliss

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