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Resolution Check-In: Making Room (for Time and Virtue)

Resolution Check-In: Making Room (for Time and Virtue) -
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For the next year, I'll be following along with Ember Grey's 12 Months of Bliss Challenge!  I wrote more about this month's challenge here, but today is check-in day!  So to review...

Resolution Check-In: Making Room (for Time and Virtue) -

July 2015: Making Room (for Time and Virtue)

To make room for more quality time by letting go of bad habits.  I'll write down everything I do during the day - the good and bad things - and then eliminate one of the bad habits.

What Went Down: 
Of all the things I do during the day, the two biggest time suckers for me are sleeping in and getting off-track while blogging.  I decided to work on both of these this month instead of picking just one! 

I was sleeping in because I was having difficulty falling asleep at night...which was because I was getting up so late...sigh, the vicious cycle.  So I have been getting up between 6:30-7am almost everyday.  I started working on this with the Money Saving Mom's Makeover Your Mornings course earlier this summer.  I was doing really well and loved it, but I got off track.  This challenge was perfect timing for me to start back up.

Getting up before my kids do has been so nice because it gives me a little time to myself to read, work on the blog, craft, pray, do my makeup/hair, etc.  Then, it frees up time during the day when they're awake so I can be more present for them.

Also, I get off track very easily with everything but especially with blogging.  I start reading a blog or writing a new post, which reminds me of something I need to fix, read, check on, etc, and then down the rabbit hole I go.  It's like I'm the mouse in If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

So I've written a daily schedule of things I must work on.  One day for emails, one for replying to comments, etc.  And I can't work on things outside of that!  This has helped me stay focused on what really needs to be done...and to actually finish what I need to in a shorter amount of time.  (If you're a blogger, I'd love to know - do you have a specific schedule you follow?  I'd love to hear about it so I can improve mine since it's in the baby stages.)

Reflection Questions: 

What were my bad habits causing me to miss out on?
I was sleeping in so I was doing my makeup and hair while the kids were awake.  Then, I'd read to or play with them afterwards.  I was getting off track while working on the blog, so it would take twice as long as it should.  Then, I'd be making dinner, cleaning up, putting away dishes, etc. after my husband got home and when the kids were up from their naps.  My time for myself was rushed or non-existent.  I was missing out on quality time with my husband and kids.

I thought this quote and question from Henry David Thoreau that I saw on Verily was perfect for this challenge too:

Resolution Check-In: Making Room (for Time and Virtue) -
Via Verily's Daily Dose

What am I busy about?  
I realized I'm busy with catching up.  I always feel like I'm behind because those 2 bad habits were taking up so much time that could've been spent on 1) God, 2) family, and 3) keeping my home in order.

Putting It All Together 
Basically, I needed to kick idleness to the curb.  When I stay on track with getting up before the kids and staying focused while blogging, I get necessary things done at an appropriate time and in an appropriate amount of time.  Then, I have more personal time (to pray, read, and be me!) and more quality time with the people I love (to laugh, play, and have fun!). 

Going Forward:
I need to stick with the plan.  Get up in the morning.  And stay with my new blogging schedule.  And when I have a bad day or just want to give up on these new habits, I need to remember who I'm doing this for: my family and myself. 

Resolution Check-In: Making Room (for Time and Virtue) -

Did you participate in this 12 Months of Bliss making room (for time and virtue)?  What did you learn from your experience doing challenge?  (If you wrote a blog post about it, please comment below with your link!)

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Resolution Check-In: Making Room (for Time and Virtue) -


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