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Cute Awaking Water Sling Giveaway

Babywearing - Cute Awaking Water Sling Giveaway -
I started babywearing this time around with L (with some very generous help from friends and Iulia at Best of Baby).  Whether I'm just wearing him around the house, at the store, or on a walk, I absolutely love it - and he does too!  (Talk about some serious bonding for an adoptive mom and her baby - but that's another post for another day. ;)
So I'm very excited to be teaming up with Best of Baby and some other wonderful ladies for a Cute Awaking Water Sling giveaway!  (This giveaway will run from July 16-30 for US residents only.)
Please keep reading below for some babywearing insights from Iulia and for your chance to win!  Good luck!

Babywearing - Cute Awaking Water Sling Giveaway -


Iulia from Best of Baby was gifted a water ring sling in exchange for her honest opinion.  All opinions are her own.  Other participating bloggers were not compensated in any way.
Babywearing - Cute Awaking Water Sling Giveaway -

Babywearing - Cute Awaking Water Sling Giveaway -

Summer time is pool time!  But going to the pool with kids is vastly different than it was before having kids.  The whole "lounging" term doesn't really apply.  Wrangling?  Yes.  But lounging not so much.

The key to a successful pool trip is preparation.  Diapers, snacks, towels, toys, diapers (yes - worth mentioning again).  And if you have a baby?  You need some sort of containment device (especially if you have another child to attend to!)

Sure you can do floaties, and tubes, and vests and all that...but your best option?  The option that will let you keep your baby safe, snug, close, and still give you free hands?  A water sling! (THESE are my fay-vor-it!)

Baby wearing rocks.  It keeps babies happy and gives mom a good measure of hands-free freedom.  And baby wearing in the water is a whole other level of awesomeness.

Babywearing - Cute Awaking Water Sling Giveaway -

Reasons Why Water Slings are Awesome!

1) Babies love it.   The chubby little monkeys love the darn things.  They're close to mama, but they still get to splash to their hearts content.

2) Mamas love it.  Free (and weightless) baby snuggles.  

3) It keeps babies restrained.  Without the sling, many babies will want to just lunge face first at the water. Seeing as how babies can't swim, that doesn't work out to well for them (and mama probably isn't too into wrestling either).

 4) Makeshift sun protection.  You can use the tail as a wrap to keep the sun off of the baby's or your shoulders.

5) HANDS FREE!  Wearing your baby in the pool frees up your you can wrangle your toddler.  (Ok, it's at least a start on the hands free thing.)

We searched up an down for the perfect water sling, but most were either too expensive, or looked like those fishnet stockings you wore in college (oh wait, you didn't wear those?  me neither. nope.) Enter these beautiful slings by Cute Awaking.

Tasha is a mother of 4.  She's a crafter at heart, so in 2012 she put her creative talents in action and opened Cute Awaking.  At first, it started out as mostly crochet projects, but when her youngest was born in 2014, she was introduced to babywearing and fell in love! She started making her own wraps and slings, and when she realized that people really loved her work, she became completely CPSIA compliant. She follows all current safety standards and is a member of BCIA.

Babywearing - Cute Awaking Water Sling Giveaway -

Her work is beautiful, well made, and affordable! And she's generously offering one Best of Baby (and other participating blogs) reader the chance to win a Cute Awaking water ring sling of their choice.

Cute Awaking Water Ring Sling (US only)

Before you go, we'd love to know:   

Do you (or did you!) ever wear your little one?  

What do you love about babywearing? 

What are your favorite carriers?

Thanks for entering and good luck!


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  1. If the red only comes in XL I'll have to go with the yellow, but I really love the red best!

  2. I would get Red if it was in a M/L. I really like the teal as well. They're all beautiful summer colors!

    Babywearing is great, so much easier than moving around a carseat/stroller combo (my itty-bitty is 6 weeks new!) I have a moby for now and trips to the grocery store, mall, etc are so much easier! Babywearing also is a saver for when my itty-bitty has his fussy moments. He loves to be worn and calms right down!

    My husband is learning the ease of wearing our baby and our Ergo is on the way for him to enjoy as well!

    Next up, I am reading reviews and color shopping for my first woven wrap or Rs. :)

  3. Making carrying babies hip and fabulous. Nice!

  4. I would choose the teal!

  5. Wow! So many great colors to choose from. I would go with yellow or red.

  6. These is such a neat concept that I wish was around when my boys/men were little. But then again...I had twins so this wouldn't have worked. LOL...there are so many people I know that are having babies that I think this would make a great gift!

  7. I loved baby wearing with Olive. It was so nice to be close to her yet have my hands free. I can only imagine how helpful this would be when you've got several little ones running around. I've never thought of baby wearing in the pool - genius!!

  8. I would choose any of the blue shades in honor of Mary. :)

  9. Ray Ray CartucciJuly 20, 2015 at 9:34 PM

    I would pick the purple colored one. Purple is my favorite color.

  10. The gray sling would be perfect to give as a gift!

  11. I love the gray looking one!!!

  12. Definitely the teal sling! Love it!!!

  13. I would pick the teal- super cute and easily used for boy or girl!

  14. I'd choose the navy blue water sling. :) I love baby wearing, keeping baby so snug and close, while also being able to take care of my other children (Inhave ten!) and household responsibilities. I have one ring sling and a couple of soft structurd carriers. I use them all!


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