Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Resolution Check-In: Happiness Stamped

For the next year, I'll be following along with Ember Grey's 12 Months of Bliss Challenge!  I wrote more about the first challenge here, but today is check-in day!  So to review...

June 2015: Happiness Stamped

To write and mail an encouraging letter, note, or card to someone once a week by snail mail.  So spread a little joy through a simple act of kindness...because everyone loves receiving mail!

What Went Down: 
What I ended up writing to everyone was how much and why I was grateful for them.  What they truly meant to me.  All of their best qualities.  How they inspired me/my family.  That their actions towards me/my family did not go unnoticed.

Emily's Reflection Questions: 

At the end of the month, look back over the key words of encouragement...are these words you need to be speaking to people more often?  

Yes!  Especially to those closest to me.  I tend to do this on birthdays and special days (like Father's Day), but not in the ordinary, everyday moments.  This challenge has shown me how I need to step up my game in expressing my gratefulness to God, my husband, kids, and family. 

Are these words you might like to hear from someone about yourself?  

Another resounding yes!  Especially as a mom of little ones.  In the midst of piles of folded laundry and tonight's casserole dish, I want to see that what I do in the everyday moments is noticed.  And that they care about what I do for them.

My husband and kids really are very good about thanking me through physical affection, but sometimes I need to hear it too.  I just want to know that I'm appreciated. 

Via Verily Daily Dose

Putting It All Together: 

I've seen that I want others, especially my family, to be thankful for me and the little things I do...BUT...that I also need to express that gratefulness for the exact same things to them.

When I don't hear or express gratitude, I feel down, stressed, overwhelmed, etc. in the everyday moments.  It makes me feel bogged down because I focus on the work or what's missing.

But when I am grateful in word and deed, it brings joy.  That's because I'm focusing on what I've been given (aka who I'm doing all of this for!) and the beauty of the little things.

Via Verily Daily Dose

Going Forward:

I will express my gratitude, especially for my family, in the everyday moments.  

I'll thank God for my husband, my kids, the sunshine, a working dishwasher...

I'll thank my child for picking up their toys, good behavior at the store, eating all of their dinner...

I'll thank my husband for folding the laundry, changing the baby's diaper, working hard at his job everyday for us...

And I'm not going to vocalize my thankfulness just because I want it in return.  I will express my gratitude because I want to focus on the beauty of the little things and live a life of joy!

EG's Twelve Months of Bliss

Did you participate in this 12 Months of Bliss encouraging snail mail challenge?  What did you learn from your experience doing Happiness Stamped?  (If you wrote a blog post about it, please comment below with your link!)

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


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  1. So glad you are doing this too. Your love language is words of affirmation - I can so relate. I loved your answers to Emily's questions. Looking forward to this year of challenges with you!

  2. Such cute ideas. I've always loved letter writing and like the idea of being intentional to do it once a week!

  3. Hey Jess! I'm so excited you joined me this month! :) And I love SO much that you shared your answers to the journal questions. (Something I did not share on my post today and am kicking myself now for forgetting to do that!) This really has just made my day to read everyone's recaps. Thanks so much for sharing; can't wait til next month!

  4. I love reading everyone's reflection on this past month. I agree with you that when I don't express my gratitude, my mood is often depressed and down. This challenge helped me to be conscious about everyone I have in my life (and let them know about it).

  5. Words are powerful. They make or break us. This is a beautiful challenge to try. :)

  6. Lovely.

    Gratitude is so important and I don't nearly express my gratitude as much as I should.

    This was wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  7. Isn't Emily the best? Love reading everyone's reflections about their Happiness Stamped and can't wait to hear all about next month's challenge! Have a wonderful day and thank you for linking up with Waiting on...Wednesday!

    Holly @

  8. Me too, Michelle! Thanks for letting me know about it! You are always such an encouragement to me! -Jess

  9. You should try it! You'll be amazed at the love doing something so small can bring! -Jess

  10. Thank you so much for hosting, Emily! I'm looking forward to reading everyone's for this upcoming month! -Jess

  11. It is so easy to take all of these for granted...being grateful and conscious of those in our lives. What a great challenge to make us more mindful! I'm looking forward to seeing how this month's challenge worked out for you! -Jess

  12. You're right - there is such a power in words!!! -Jess

  13. I definitely have to do something to keep it at the front of my mind or it goes by the wayside. I think gratitude is the key to being joyful in life so I need to stay focused on it! -Jess

  14. Thanks, Holly! Yes, I think so too! I'm looking forward to going on her adoption journey with her now! -Jess


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