Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday Talk #15: Spring Is Here!

The grass is green, flowers are starting to bloom, and little buds are all over every tree branch.  Spring is finally here!

I can't wait for our Redbud tree to blossom!

We're still one month out from planting anything (around here it's not "safe" to plant anything until Mother's Day!), but it's the perfect time to clean out all of the landscaping and garden areas to get them ready.  Even though it's a lot of work, it's one of my favorite parts about Spring.

So if you need to find my family and me this week, this is where we're going to be: outside enjoying the beautiful Springtime!  

So what are you doing to get ready for Spring?  Or for you (lucky!) Southerners, what are you currently enjoying about Spring?


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  1. We started our Spring cleaning over the weekend- just doing a room or 2 at a time since it's just a long process haha! The yard is on our list soon too, next free Saturday we get that's NOT raining- we're going at it!

  2. All of your blooms look so pretty!! We did some major planting this weekend because it's getting HOT. I laughed when you said it isn't safe to plant things until after Mother's Day. I wonder if you'll get a surprise Spring snow this year??

  3. I love your flowers! We're almost to blooming stage here. It's supposed to snow again tomorrow so I hope it doesn't kill everything. Thanks for the party!

  4. LOVE the spring pictures. There aren't many things as beautiful as seeing life return once again. Daffodils are always such a happy early sign of springs arrival here. My girls love to pick them for me.

  5. How is your spring cleaning going? We've been working on our yard a lot too. Also, you and your family are still in our prayers for your grandpa!!! -Jess

  6. It snowed last week!!!! Twice! The life of a Hoosier as you know. I can't wait to plant stuff! Every beautiful flower and garden picture you post makes me count down the days! haha -Jess

  7. We ended up getting a little snow this past week. But the tulips finally started blooming...and the Redbud trees are next! (My faves!) I hope you're finally getting some flowers now! -Jess

  8. I agree! I am so excited for this year - we planted a lot last season so this will be the first year we get to see them bloom! It's always a wonderful surprise to see the flowers for the first time! -Jess


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