Thursday, April 16, 2015

Feeding Your Soul by Keri at Living in This Season

Today, we have Keri from Living In This Season with us!  We are so glad that we've gotten to know her better through the blogging world - she is a real gem.  Keri is such an inspiration and encouragement to women.  Two of our favorite posts are Finding Hope in the Darkness and The Secret to Doing It All...but everything she writes is fabulous, so definitely check out her beautiful and inspirational space!


Hello Sweet Little Ones readers, I am overjoyed to be over here sharing today. My name is Keri and I share over at Living In This Season. It is such a passion of mine to inspire and encourage others to live fully in their current season. I know how easy it can be to wish for the future or the past, but in doing so we are robbing ourselves of so much joy in our here and now. Through inspirational posts and practical tips, I share a little of my season and how I am attempting to embrace it.

Today, I am going to chat with you a little about something that God seems to be teaching me lately. I am a mom of 3 little ones. My oldest is 5 1/2, then I have an almost 3 year old and 8 month old. It is amazing and wonderful and also very busy and tiring. Motherhood is tiring, isn't it? I mean just sit and think about your day yesterday. It is nonstop and many times 24/7. Now, don't get me wrong, I absolutely love it. This is what I always wanted and hoped for. As much as I love motherhood, I also am learning that I cannot become consumed with this role.

It is easy to become consumed with it though. We tend to live and breathe being a mama. The thought of doing something for- gasp- ourselves- comes across as selfish and guilt fills up our mind. Or is that just me? I said earlier that God has been teaching me this lately because it seems to be a constant theme in my life right now. My kids need so much of me right now (I mean my 8 month old will not take a bottle- so you get the picture, right?!). I love pouring into them. Motherhood is such a ministry in my mind, but I also know that in order to minister to my little ones, I need to be filling up myself as well. A dried up, worn down mama is not going to be of any use to her children.

I want to ask you a question a minute friends, when was the last time you did something just for yourself- something that fed your soul? There have been times when if I asked myself this, I would really have to think and struggle to find a time. A pile of unread books sat on my dresser, a basket of unfinished crafts awaited my creativity... Reading, creating, writing... these things feed my soul. I can sit down and read for 10 minutes and come up so refreshed and ready to serve. It is amazing what a little thing like repainting a frame can do for my mindset.

Today I challenge you with 3 things:  

- Figure out what feeds your soul.  

- Pick one of these things and tell a friend or your husband about it.  

- Do it. Schedule it in if you have to.

Your kids need to see you enjoying life. I want my children to grow up enjoying and loving life. I want them to sit and savor the taste of chocolate or a good cup of tea. Or to snuggle under the sunlight reading a lovely book... God created this amazing world filled with beautiful things to enjoy friends... don't push on one more minute without feeding yourself. When we care for ourselves, we can then go out and care for our family as we ought to. Let go of the guilt and feed your soul, friends.

Stop by Living In This Season and say hello, I love connecting with new friends.


  1. Great tips from Keri! Marina @

  2. Thanks so much Jess and Katie- love your encouraging space :)

  3. Yes. So true. Making time for ourselves is so important. I'm blessed to have a spouse totally on board with this!

  4. Another great post. Keri has been such a blessing in my life. I am so glad that God crossed our paths. There is always so much encouragement in her words.

  5. Wonderful post and such a fabulous reminder. I took 24 hours away from it all a couple weeks ago and it was pure bliss. It was in that time away and "filling up" that I realized how depleted I was. I made arrangements with my husband to have 1 night a week to myself. It's made a huge difference in my happiness, productivity, and ability to nurture my family.

    Thanks for sharing and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop! I hope you'll join us again tomorrow.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  6. Love this post. Making time for ourselves is so important! Something I don't do often enough!

    Thanks for linking up with the Saturday Spotlight!

  7. She always is so inspirational! -Jess

  8. Thank you so much for sharing with us! This was a fabulous and much needed read for me at this season in my life! -Jess

  9. You are so right - I think having your spouse (or family or a friend if you're single) on board is key! -Jess

  10. What a great idea! I think I need to do something like that as well. Just a little recharge time. Thank you so much for hosting! -Jess

  11. Same here! This post from Keri was a much needed read for me! Thanks for hosting! -Jess


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