Monday, March 2, 2015

March Goals - Getting Back on Track

At the beginning of the year, John and I made some resolutions to meal plan more often and discuss our finances (bills, budget, etc) every weekend. At the end of January, John's work schedule got really crazy and it all went by the wayside. The late nights and weekends away at work are almost over, so we are hoping to get back on track this month.  Here is what I'm hoping to accomplish:

Meal plan/make freezer meals - find meals we all enjoy and start a rotation. We typically get in a rut, so I'm hoping to add some new quick and easy meals to the list. We shared some of our favorite meatless meals and freezer meals before, so now I just need to make them! Does anyone have any good tips or tricks for meal planning?

Have 2 finance meetings - we were doing every week, but found we could easily switch to every other. We have an out of town wedding and baby shower in the upcoming weeks, and I'm planning to use the time in the car to review our budget. I'll share how that goes at the end of the month.

Keep working on my reading list - I'm currently working on Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World and finishing Kisses from Katie. Both great books so far! :) Our book club is reading the Mary/Martha book - highly recommend! It provided some great discussion...or that could have been the drinks my husband made. #momsnightout ;)

Finalize Easter plans - my husband's dad is currently working in Nashville, and we're thinking of heading down to spend time with him. We rarely get to see his family (they live out West, except for the next few months) so it would be nice to see them not on Skype. We've never been to Nashville - any suggestions for fun things to do with kids?

And not necessarily a goal, but a MUST do ... finish watching Downton Abbey!! I mentioned last week that we ended Season 4, and then someone said we could watch Season 5 on for free (thanks Celena!) So naturally, we've been trying to catch up before we see any spoilers for the finale from last night. I'm hoping to have it finished by the weekend :)

It should be a productive and fun month! What are your plans for March?

Have a great Monday!


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  1. Great goals. I am going to be working on the meals too! I try to sit down Thursday's to meal plan for a week. Then. I get groceries Friday or Saturdays. Have a great day!

  2. Tips for meal planning? Nope...I desperately need to add that on to my goal list and get going on that. I just avoid it every month. You have it on your goal list so you are a step ahead of me. ;)

  3. The budget is always the hardest for me.... I want to stay on top of it but...!!! UGH I still need to finish February and begin March. Those are on my weeks to do list.

  4. Visiting from #friendswithgoals link up! I've had Kisses From Katie on my reading list for what seems like years! I can't seem to get my hands on a copy of it though. My biggest tip for meal planning that both saves money and avoids the rut is to buy one ingredient in bulk when it's on sale. Then challenge yourself to make as many different meals with that ingredient as possible.

  5. Yeah, I need to just sit down and do it. I made a list of meals today so that's a start :)

  6. Great advice - that will add some much needed creativity!! :) Thank for stopping by!

  7. We're struggling finding a budgeting system that works for husband is a spreadsheet/computer person, and I need to write it all out. Hopefully we can sort out February's budget this weekend :) Good luck with yours!

  8. Having it as a goal and actually doing it are totally different things haha We'll see how this month goes!

  9. Great goals! I love that you've adapted things to work for your real life. I'd love to be better at building a freezer stash of favorite meals. My husband and I were just talking about how we seem to have the same meals over and over and have forgotten about other favorite recipes. Time to change things up a bit!

  10. Thanks Whitney! Hopefully I find a good group of recipes I can share at the end of the month :)


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