Sunday, January 18, 2015

Go Colts!!!

We are huge football fans here - college and pro - and today is a big day for our Colts! It's the AFC Championship game ...and we're playing the Patriots.

If we win tonight, we go to the Super Bowl! We are ready for the game to start, and we are hoping we get to see a lot of this:

Sorry Tom ;)

I'm very superstitious - we wear the same outfits for game days. And if we lose, we never wear that outfit again ;) We also don't put our feet on the floor during games, or move positions if we're doing good. Obviously it works so we aren't too crazy, right? ;) 

I'll be sharing some of our game day favorites for the Super Bowl coming up - any foods or silly traditions you have for game days? Who is your team?

GO BLUE! GO COLTS! :) Colts Strong baby!!! :)


  1. I grew up on the Colts and the Cowboys...crazy I know. I married a die hard cowboys fan and of course, while proud of their season this year, we were sad over the loss. Now I'm back to rooting for the Colts. I'm really hoping to see them go all the way!

  2. I was rooting for the Colts. I had Andrew Luck on my fantasy team, and think Tom Brady is a not nice person (the fact that he went to UofM doesn't help either). I was sad to hear they won.

    I am a die hard Michigan State fan, and a Lions fan (don't even get me started on the wild card game they loss where the ref picked up a pass interference flag...).


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