Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Katie's Goals for 2015

Last year, my husband and I jumped on the bandwagon of picking one word for 2014. The first word that jumped out to us was patience, and it was a perfect for the year we had. We also made a fun list of things to do throughout the year - not goals, but just activities or projects to finish. We tried out new restaurants, had some small spontaneous road trips, and finished a few things we had started around the house. It was a great year, and a fun tradition to start. :)

For 2015, we've already started thinking about what we want to accomplish. Here's what we have so far...

Less spending money on things we don't need. Less time online. Less clutter in the house. Less time watching television....basically trying to simplify our life. My game plan for January (and then I'll reevaluate and adjust) is:

Meal plan. It'll save us money on groceries and less eating out. 

Finance meetings. We are going to actually sit down together and look at where our money went, and see where we can cut costs. We already scheduled these in for Sunday nights.

Family date night. We all love to cuddle up and watch movies together, but we aren't connecting when we do that. I want to actually spend time together - like playing games or going somewhere fun together. I already have some GREAT ideas for our family dates! Super excited :)

Pray more. Along with our word, we are picking a family saint and quote for the year. Our saint this year is Saint Jude (patron saint of impossible causes) and our quote is:

I'm excited for this new year to start! I made a Pinterest board for my 2015 goals and projects - feel free to follow along!

Do you set resolutions or pick a 'word of the year'?

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  1. Your goals are wonderful for any time of year! Can't wait to see how the year goes for you!!

  2. Love the idea of finance meetings each week. I think my budget would definitely benefit from regular meetings about it. Good idea & Happy New Year!!

  3. I LOVE these goals! What a great list!

  4. Finance meeting is such a good idea! Love it!! And love your pinterest board- following along! What a great idea to pick out one word

  5. You've reminded me we used to do family game nights - I need to schedule these in for us again!

  6. I love that idea of word-of-the year, Katie! I think less is a great way to create space for better family time :) Finance meetings can be so tough -- Sunday nights are a good time to do it -- do you think you will do monthly meetings, or weekly? It is so hard to have a "normal week" with finances! Please share what you learn and how they go!

  7. Great word!!! I love that you fit it so nicely into all these things! I definitely need to do less too! I love your idea of financial meetings, discussing where your money goes. That fits perfectly into one of my new year goals! We may have to adopt this idea!!

    Thanks for linking up with us!! :) join us again next week! :)

  8. YES! love the finance nights! haha my husband and I want to focus on our spending more this year and ultimately spend money on things we need and less wants :) Thanks for linking up with us! xo


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