Saturday, November 15, 2014

Resolution Check-In: Being Thankful

Resolution:  Being Thankful.

This month, I've been striving to complain less and be more grateful.  Wow, this has been so hard to do sometimes!  So this resolution has been the perfect challenge for me to grow in virtue this month.

As a family, we've been adding to our Thankful Garland everyday.  We come together each night and write down one thing we're thankful for.  Then, we hang the leaf up on the garland, which is on our fireplace mantle.  So everyday we think about and see all the blessings we have in our lives.

I think my mind so quickly focuses on the "bad" things (however minor they may be) and what I don't have.  So seeing this Thankful Garland in our living room has really helped me to focus on all the beautiful and good things I do have.  I really can't help but have a smile on my face every time I look at it!

I think the biggest change I've seen in myself is seeing inconveniences differently. 

It's hard to be grateful when things aren't going my way - even if it's something minor.  But I'm trying hard to re-set how I see the situation.  So every time the kids don't listen to me, one of the kids has a medical issue, or the cashier is painstakingly slow, I am trying to see them as a lesson to be learned or an opportunity to grow in virtue.  Patience, peace, kindness, and the list goes on.  It sure isn't easy!

I still have to constantly remind myself to be grateful when I encounter these frustrations, but I think focusing on all the things I do have and am thankful for (like with the Thankful Garland) has really helped me to see the blessings in the inconveniences too.

And not just women, but everyone!  Again...via Verily Daily Dose

Lastly, I'm so glad we've been working on being grateful together as a family.  It's been uniting us in counting our blessings and seeing the joy in the little things, especially when I hear what the kids are thankful for.  Seeing things through the eyes of our kiddos really shows us pure gratitude and happiness.  Sometimes I think our kids teach us as many lessons as we teach them. ;)

Have a truly beautiful weekend,

Are you new here?  Welcome!  Every first of the month, we "start fresh" with a new resolution to better ourselves as wives, mothers, and women or to make our houses into homes.  Then, we check-in on the 15th to see our progress.  We'd love for you to join us! 

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  1. Goodness I just love that garland -- it is just growing so beautifully :D Your perspectives are so refreshing! I can tell that you are really working at it and being persistent - this November will be a great memory for your family :) Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thank you! I hope it keeps growing past this month too. Thanks for hosting - what a great way to encourage each other...and ourselves to meet our goals! Happy Thanksgiving! -Jess


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