Thursday, November 6, 2014

Oh, The Funny Things Kids Say...

It's a wild and crazy adventure being a mom sometimes.  So when you get a chance to laugh or smile, you don't pass it up!  Thankfully, kids sure give you a lot of fun times and laughs to go along with those chaotic times...

What makes me laugh the most as a mom are the funny things my kids say and do.  The list is endless, but here are my 5 favorite kid quotes from the past couple weeks...I hope you get a good laugh out of them like we have:


Our waitress at our favorite Mexican restaurant is trying to get our daughter to speak Spanish: 

Waitress: ¡Hola!
Me:  J, say 'hola'.
J (looking very excited, like Guys, I know this word!) says: Olaf, Olaf!

Our waitress smiles really big at us - she's happy that our 3 year old "knows" Spanish.  Our 3 year old is excited because she thinks our waitress is discussing her favorite movie Frozen.
Oh, the (literal) joy of language barriers!


Picking out the kid's Notre Dame clothes for game day:

Me:  J, you get to be the cheerleader, and B gets to be the quarterback today.
J:  Noooooo, I want to be the quarter-girl!

Hmmmm, maybe our petite 26 pound 3 year old can be their kicker someday?

J, I think you'd get a holding penalty...or horse collar...on that move...;)


Driving home from church...and we're spelling during our conversation so the kids don't know what we're talking about:

Me:  Jim, if the kids are good today, do you want to go to the p-a-r-k?
Jim:  Sure, that's sounds like fun.

Two minutes pass where my mind has gone from thinking about organizing the closets to what to get the kids for Christmas to what we're having for dinner this week and everything inbetween.  Then, out of the silence:

J:  Mama, can I go to the enenerkay today?

Me and Jim:  What, Josie?
J:  The enenerkay?
Then, repeat this exchange at least five times. 

Finally, it clicks.
Jim:  I think she's trying to say p-a-r-k like it's a word...
Our smarty, little copycat.


J and Abby were flower girls for our brother's wedding in September:

Fluttering her eyelashes, J (to everyone she met that day):  Sigh... I got maaarrrrrrried today! 
Each and every person:  Oh, who did you marry?
J (twirling around in her dress):  I wore my princess dress!

Who cares about the guy?  It's all about becoming a princess and wearing a fancy dress, my friends! 

Funny thing is she still tells me everyday that she's married.  And still every time you ask who she married, she says, "I'm a princess!"  A girl after my own Disney-princess-loving heart! 


J loves Doc McStuffins.  I've overheard her saying the cutest things while she's giving her toys check ups with her doctor's kit:

"I'm listening to his heart beep!"

"Her temperature (or blood pressure) is 3 o'clock."

"Can you help me put a band and on him to make him feel better?"

Usually, I correct J when she mispronounces a word so she knows how to say it correctly.  But sometimes the mispronunciation is too cute to correct.  These ones make me melt every time.

She's very serious about taking care of her patients

J sure keep me laughing!  Buster is mostly copying what we say right now, so I can't wait til he is talking on his own.  I can only imagine what he's going to say and do!

So what are some of your favorite quotes from your kids?  Please share your funny moments!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Adorable!! I love the horse-collar brotherly hug :) Tell her we may need her to suit up this weekend against Arizona State with all the injuries we have. That Josie sure is a funny one with her spelling, doctoring and repeating. She'll love hearing these stories when she is older.

    1. I'm so glad I've been writing it all down because it's just too cute! And I think we may need her to suit up every week with the downward spiral we've been in since the FSU loss! I'm hoping for a comeback week this weekend. C'mon, boys!!!!!! We believe in you!!!! Oh my, your pics of Olive in her cheerleader outfit last weekend were killing me...she is so darn cute. Love it! Have a great rest of the week and go Irish!!! -Jess

  2. So cute! Kids seriously are so adorable- have a great weekend!

    1. Every day she keeps me laughing! When James starts in...oh my! Haha -Jess

  3. Haha! Cute! I have to be better about jotting down what my kids are saying. I know I am laughing at them all the time. :-)

    1. I type mine up in a Word Document and then date each thing they do or say and save the entire doc under their name. The new way to have a "Baby Book", right? -Jess

  4. What an endearing post! Josie is so adorable...enenerkay has to be my favorite part of this funny! Enjoy a restful night, Jess :)

    1. Yeah, we about lost it when she realized what she meant! That girl is too clever ;) -Jess


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