Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Bucket List

Back in 9th grade (15 years ago!), we had a journal prompt to write out a bucket list. I still have my list and have always loved looking back on what I really wanted to accomplish back then compared to what I'd like to do now. It was/is really long, and I've done most of them (like graduate from college, get married, etc.), so I'll share some of the ones that I have left!

1. Go on a cruise.
I've always wanted to go on a cruise - it sounds like a lot of fun, plus the FOOD. :) Now that I've got kids, the Disney Cruise is a real possibility in the next few years! :)

2. Visit all fifty states.
My husband really wants to visit every National Park, so we have the passport for that...so far, we've only done 4 together. As for the states, I haven't traveled too much, so we have a lot left to go! So far together, John and I have visited Cali, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Florida. Clearly, we don't get out much!!  Where are your favorite places to go?

Salt Lake City trip in 2013 to visit John's parents :)

3. Go to a Backstreet Boys concert.
Priorities of a 14 year old mind ;)  I loved me some BSB and should probably go to one of their concerts before they're grandparents! ;)

4. Go to Poland.
This is a new one - my husband is from Poland, and all of his extended family is still there. I'd love to go visit and meet his family. 
Zakapone, Poland - his family has a cabin in the mountains. So beautiful! :)

5. Swim with dolphins.
I was obsessed with dolphins in middle school so that's why this is on the list. I'd still love to do it because it looks like a ton of fun!

6. See a musical.
My top choices would be Wicked or Phantom of the Opera. I was in theatre in high school and absolutely love love love musicals! My husband has taken me to local ones (saw Sound of Music last Christmas - amazing!), but I'd love to see one professionally done!

7. Go bungee jumping/sky diving.
I could smack my 9th grade self for this one. I really have no desire to really do this anymore, but I would be up for doing a simulated version of it. ;)  Now that I'm older (and wiser? haha), it just sounds crazy. I'd be that person in the plane crying hysterically!

8. Ride in a hot air balloon.
I don't know why this appeals to me so much because I'm scared of heights. It just seems like something fun to do!

9. Visit the LOTR movie sites in New Zealand.
LOTR = Lord of the Rings :)  I was a completely obsessed, crazy fan back in the day. I would love to visit New Zealand in general because it looks gorgeous, but see a Hobbit house? You bet! :)

Welcome to Hobbiton! :)

10. Run a 5K.
Now, my younger siblings are amazing runners...me, not so much. As in not at all. I get winded running down the block. That being said, I've always wanted to try to run a 5k. Or maybe run around the neighborhood once without feeling like I was going to die! ;)

So, these are just a few things I'd like to do sometime in my life. A little traveling, some random things, and a whole lot of fun! :)

What would be on your bucket list?

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  1. Im with you on doing a Disney Cruise!!!

  2. Love your list, highly recommend the. Disney Cruise with the kids, they have great programs that will allow you and hubby some alone time too. You can probably scratch seeing a play off your list too while cruising as they have great live entertainment. Also while in port you could probably book a swim with the dolphins! Three items off the list and a great time to be had. When we cruised with Disney I wasn't sure how my 4 yr. old would do with a whole week so we booked half out time in Walt Disney World and half on the cruise, they have great package deals.

  3. Oh I went to a BSB concert last summer and it was literally the best thing in my life. I think I had more fun when I was 23 going than when I was 13!

  4. This is a fantastic list! I too shared a love for BSB. It's a shame that I married an NSync fan lol. I'm excited to see you accomplish these things!

  5. Musicals are simply amazing. I've been so lucky to see 3 on Broadway in New York and I have never been disappointed. Lion King is a hands-down favorite!

  6. Such a fun list--- musicals are awesome! So are roadtrips!!

  7. Great list!! A little bit of everything on it and totally fun! Musicals are SO fun!


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