Thursday, October 30, 2014

Friday Favorites - Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween!! I've always loved this holiday. We don't do anything scary - just all things fun and full of make believe. :) Unfortunately, it's supposed to be very cold and possible snowy (NO!!!) Friday night, so we are just going to make best of it here at home. :)  Here are my favorite things about Halloween:

1. Costumes

I already shared all of our kids' costumes from the past few years (check them out here). This year, I made Abby a Jessie the Cowgirl costume, and Tim was probably the cutest Buzz Lightyear of all time. I think I will officially retire from making costumes - it is fun, but so time consuming! 

Jess went the smart route and got a Dorothy and Lion costume this year from a consignment store  - aren't J and B adorable?!

2. Fun Food

So, my husband and I are super cheesy and love themed dates/food/etc. Pinterest has so many great ideas, so I've been pinning and meal planning for Halloween the past week. We are having biscuits and grave-y for breakfast, sand-witches for lunch, and mummy pizzas for dinner. Nothing too elaborate, but just fun for the kids! :) I mean, how cute is this pizza?

Fun Halloween Dinner Idea for kids

3. Candy

I'm a candy freak. I love it, and not ashamed to take my babies out trick or treating for the candy. Favorite candy = Reese cups, hands down. I'll definitely be over at Target after Halloween stocking up on candy to throw in the freezer to use for Christmas cookies...and to snack on for the next few months. :) 

4. Television Shows

Remember TGIF back in the day? I loved those shows (and still do!). I remember the Halloween episodes always being hilarious. I loved the Boy Meets World episode where they were all in detention with the bad, bad killer man on the loose in the school ... and Jennifer Love Hewitt guest starred. Here's the full episode in case you don't know what I'm talking about! But the best one was on Family Matters when Stevil the dummy terrorized the Winslow family. Ah, memories!! ;)

Anyone else remember this? 

5. Crafts/Decorations

We've been having lots of fun here at home making fun Halloween crafts. Abby loved her spider hat, and we're doing ghost footprints tonight! :)  I think the biggest hit so far are the Halloween window clings from the dollar store - cheap thrills! Any fun holiday crafts you'd like to share?

The only spider allowed in my house :)

We're getting our costumes on and heading out for some Halloween fun! :) What are you/your kids dressing up as?

Happy Halloween!!

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  1. Such cute costumes! You did a great job. I'd DIY if I had any skill, but then again buying it online is so much easier!

  2. That mummy pizza looks so cute but I don't think I could pull it off :( We have a Buzz in our house this year but your costume looks so much better!

  3. Those costumes are perfection!!! So amazing!

  4. Okay, that pizza mummy braid is brilliant!! And now I want pizza a 9 a.m.??! Ha!
    Happy Halloween!!

  5. Those costumes are A-dorable!! I snuck into the halloween candy this morning and used Reeses as my pre-run snack...I agree they are the best!

  6. I can't keep away from the candy either. We HAD a candy bucket... until I saw it.

  7. those costumes are so cute!! i love the buzz + woody one! im a little worried we wont have any candy left for the trick-or-treaters tonight! xo jillian - stop by! I'm hosting a giveaway on cornflake dreams

  8. I've never attempted homemade costumes for my daughter, so bravo!! I love that spider headband and am a sucker for any hand/foot print art. Good idea on stocking up on candy now for holiday baking. I should probably head to Target tomorrow to scope it out :) Hope you have a Happy Halloween & that the Irish add another WIN to their schedule this weekend. Go Irish!!

  9. I love your children's costumes! Stocking up on candy is never a bad thing... I always like picking up paper goods on clearance as well. Target usually has cute Halloween items. Enjoy your themed food today!

  10. Oh my gosh, the kids looks amazing!!!!! So cute!

    Indiellie | Bloglovin'

  11. Baby Buzz Lightyear's face = perfection!!

  12. the halloween costumes are so cute! :)

  13. I'm a new follower! I clicked on this post because of the adorable buzz and jessie costumes. How precious. I love when siblings coordinate.



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