Thursday, September 18, 2014

Our Crazy Week!

This week has been quite the whirlwind! To sum it all up, I thought I'd link up with Jennifer, Annie and Natalie are the highlights of the week and things to come! :)


Last Saturday, my younger brother, Matt, got married!

It was an absolutely beautiful wedding and reception - my new sister-in-law, Karissa, did an AMAZING job. She made all the decorations herself! Matt, you are a lucky man! :)

We love you, Uncle Matt! :)

Our little girls were the flower girls and I'm so proud of them for making it down the aisle successfully. It was adorable! :)

We started potty training this week with Abby. It is quite the adventure to say the least! She is excited about it sometimes - mainly when she remembers the sticker and Goldfish reward. :) So far, it's going pretty good so I can't complain!

With the potty training going on, we have been just playing in the kitchen to avoid a carpet cleaning extravaganza. We've been super productive with freezer meal cooking this week - we made two dozen muffins, taco meat, sloppy joe meat, and some chili mixes and casseroles. Now I have no excuse for not having dinner together! ;)  Any good freezer meal ideas I should try??

So, I happened to look in the mirror yesterday and realized my hair probably hadn't been cut in five months or so. I got about four inches cut off :)  Nothing too dramatic, but I feel like I lost about ten pounds! ;)

It's been an up and down time with my football teams (Notre Dame and Colts). ND is undefeated, but my Colts are 0-2. :-(  And, I've come to realize, I really stink at Fantasy Football (insert all my siblings nodding their heads!). It still is fun though! :)

Ok, I have to admit - I LOVE reality/competition shows. I am so excited that Survivor and The Amazing Race start next week. I love the drama, challenges, crazy people...I'm constantly texting my mom and sister during the episodes. I would never go on a show like that, but I do love to yell my opinions to the contestants through the TV! ;)


Little man is 15 weeks and just started rolling over! Oh Tim, you are too cute for your own good! :)

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


  1. #4 I would go without a hair cut for months... Always embarrassed that I can't maintain the split ends. With six of and knowing the hairdresser from church, she just comes to our house!

  2. your little girls are adorable! And I love the sunflowers! such a good idea!

  3. I love the Amazing Race! My mom and I text during the whole episode too. :)


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