Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Kids' Bathroom: Towel Holder

Two weeks ago, I shared our art project for the kids' bathroom makeover. Since then, the rest of the bathroom projects have been completed! YAY - it only took us two years to find the motivation to do it! ;)  I'm so happy with how cute it is, and we stayed under budget! We ended up getting a new faucet for the sink too...installing that was a fun weeknight bonding experience! ;)

My final project for the bathroom was a place to hang the towels. I kept seeing the same idea on Pinterest of using hooks, and I thought that would be perfect for having multiple kids. I wanted the hooks to have our ocean theme somehow, and then I saw this:


I thought it was adorable! I went to Hobby Lobby, picked up the wood, and got to work! We already had hooks from another project piece, plenty of paint, and wood sealer to finish it off.

I decided I wanted the hooks to be like one of the octopus' tentacles coming out, so we spray painted all the hooks the same color. I painted the wood blue, and then we attached the hooks. I painted the octopus body and tentacles free hand. I love it :)

Once that was all dry, I added some bubbles around the hooks. We finished it off with some sealer (we used a spray paint sealer), and then it was ready to go up on the wall! Here is the finished product:

Don't mind the weird shadows - no natural light in this room!

Unfortunately, two of the hooks got some 'tough love' during the installation process and will need a touch up of paint. But, overall, I'm happy with how it turned out! I'm so glad we finally finished up the bathroom and made it fun and cute for the kids. :)

Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. Love this idea and it turned out so cute!!

  2. So cute! I may have to tuck this project away for future reference. We have precious little wall space in our "kid" bathroom. This could be helpful!


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