Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kids' Bathroom: Simple Art Project

One of the rooms in our house that's been 'in progress' for far too long is the kids' bathroom. One of my younger sisters, Kelly, lived with us until Abby was born so it was her bathroom for awhile. Now that she's gone, we figured we should probably get on decorating it. :)

Since I know this isn't our forever house, I didn't want to go crazy in this room. We're sticking with a small budget ($50) and we're trying to use items we already have or find things on clearance. We found a cute shower curtain at Target with ocean creatures on it, and we're going from there! I'm currently finishing an adorable little towel holder to hang up on the wall - can't wait to get that up soon!

This past weekend, we did a little art project with Abby to frame and hang up. She loves painting, so I looked on Pinterest and saw a hand print mermaid that perfectly fit our theme!  We used Crayola washable paint and let me tell you, it really is washable! :)

DIY Mermaid Handprint Art - www.sweetlittleonesblog.com
Making our mermaid :)
DIY Mermaid Handprint Art - www.sweetlittleonesblog.com
It's so much fun...and a little cold apparently! ;)

Here is our finished product:

DIY Mermaid Handprint Art - www.sweetlittleonesblog.com

I thought it turned out pretty darn cute, and it was free since we already had all the supplies! :)  It looks great in the bathroom, and now I'm excited to get the rest of the room done!

Happy Tuesday!

DIY Mermaid Handprint Art - www.sweetlittleonesblog.com


  1. Oh my goodness...I have been looking for the "perfect" artwork forever for my kids' bathroom! I should totally have them make one! Great idea.

    1. They will love making it - seriously get that washable paint (it is awesome!). I love hand print art because I love looking back and remembering how little they once were :)


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