Monday, July 21, 2014

Date Night - Vegas Style!

I've definitely been feeling worn out - physically and emotionally - the last few weeks. In keeping with the spirit of spreading love this month, I've decided it's time to give a little more to my husband and myself. I'm secretly planning a fun filled weekend for my family. :) I can't wait to share what we are doing...until then, I decided to share one of my favorite things to plan: date nights at home!

I think one of the most important things to do after having kids is to continue dating your spouse! My husband is really fun, and he loves cheesy date nights. I like using themes for our stay at home dates to make them more entertaining, and to me, it's easier to plan too. I thought I'd share one of my favorite date nights we did here: Vegas Night!

Now, my husband is from Vegas, but never really stayed on the strip or did much down there. I did some research on hotels, and used the Venetian logo and theme for our date night. I packed him an overnight suitcase and had it downstairs, ready to meet him as he came in from work. I put a note on it, describing his itinerary for the night. He was to take his bag upstairs to his room (I put room numbers on our doors), and make himself comfortable until his dinner reservation time at the 'restaurant' downstairs. :)

In our room, I put everything you would find in a hotel room - coffee maker, cups, ice bucket, travel size soaps, fun folded towels, etc. It was so much fun decorating - and free since it was all laying around the house! My husband loved these little touches. It felt more real this way! ;)

Nothing too fancy, but hey, it works! :)

After a lovely Italian themed dinner, we went to the 'strip' (aka living room). I don't know many card games like poker, so I made up a different kind of betting game. We played Yahtzee and I had sheets with different things to bet on with our Monopoly money. We bet on who would get the first Yahtzee, highest score, lowest Chance score, etc....I just made up scenarios and it made it more interesting than regular, old Yahtzee. We also watched Ocean's 11 during the game.

This date happened to take place during basketball season (March Madness), and we watched that once those games started. My favorite team was playing, so I made up a betting sheet for that too. Similar ideas - who would score the first 3 pointer, who would be ahead at half time, etc. Sadly, my team lost, but it was still fun!

It was so much better pretending to be in a hotel than actually being there (maybe it's just us, but we always leave hotels with bizarre stories to tell...). Overall, it was a fun date night that was basically free. I like using things around the house, and just jazzing them up a bit! :)

Happy Monday!

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