Sunday, June 15, 2014

Resolution Check-In: Take 1 Hour a Week to Do Something Fun for Yourself

Resolution Check-In:  Take 1 hour a week to do something fun for yourself.

The hobby that I chose to do was read, which is something that I love that I haven't done much of lately.  I didn't realize how much I missed it!  I'm so glad I've been setting aside time for reading again!

Here's what worked for me:

I have been reading during my kids' naps in the early afternoon.  That's the best time for me.  And I have been using bigger chunks of time a couple times a week instead of smaller amounts of time several times.  (Probably because the book I'm reading is too good to put down!)  So this month's Game Plan worked very well, but what really helped me the most wasn't actually in it at all...

Here's what I struggled with:

The first week, I didn't get started reading til late in the week....mostly because I forgot about it until it was too late in the day.  So I actually had to set out my book in plain view in the kitchen so the sight of it would remind me when I had that quiet time during the day.  After the first day or two, I remembered on my I said - it's a great book!  So I will probably have to do this whenever I start a new book or craft so I remember to actually get started.  Then, once I'm hooked, I'm good!

I am loving this resolution.  I had been putting all of my hobbies aside for awhile.  I just brushed them off with the excuse of "there isn't enough time".  But really, setting aside some time doing something I love was what I needed to relax and unwind.  My reading time is something I look forward to, and I'm glad it's back in my life!

What hobby did you choose, and how has this resolution been going for you?

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