Monday, June 23, 2014

Rainy Monday Fun

Today was a rainy day, full of lots of thunder and hail storms to close out our evening. My original plan was to take the kids to Target to get diapers (and maybe a few other things ;)), but we decided to stay home and have lots of fun instead!

This morning, Abby decided we were going to the 'zoo' and proceeded to turn our living room into an African adventure. She even packed a picnic for us, and some food for the animals. She loves going to zoos, and has even fed a giraffe 'salad' (aka lettuce) before - highlight of her life! :)
Abby feeding the animals...Tim is just along for the ride! :)

Abby really likes showing Tim black and white books and animals because his eyes get so big when he looks at them. She thinks it's hilarious. So Tim got to play with the zebras a lot today! :)

Right before nap time, it started to lightly rain and it was still really warm outside. Tim was sleeping, so we got to go outside for a bit and dance in the rain. Abby kept spinning around, giggling and touching the rain drops on the cement. It is so much fun watching kids play and explore! :)

So, what could have been a boring, dreary day ended up being lots of fun! Now we are roasting marshmallows over tea lights to make smores, our family favorite. :)

Happy Monday!

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