Friday, June 20, 2014

Five for Friday

Another week has flown by and we're already to Friday again! We've had an exciting week here, and I thought I'd share my favorite moments from the week.

1. Every night this week, we had a friend bring us over dinner and celebrate Tim's birth with us. It has been so nice not having to prepare meals as we're trying to get our new routine under control. It is also really fun to have company over and get to see all of our friends and their kids! And the fact they are all really good cooks is an added bonus! ;)

2. I'm really enjoying staying at home with the kids, and it's hitting me now that I'm not going back to work. The kids are both testing me on mom life with 2 under 2 - we've only had a few moments where I had to call my mom for advice ... like does shoving a sticker up your nose require a call to the doctor's office? Never a dull moment with a toddler!

3. It's also been like Christmas around here with all the fun mail we've been getting. I ordered a few things online while I was pregnant, and now they are coming in. I got some new dresses from Old Navy to try on for Tim's baptism, some cute headbands from Oh, Sweet Joy's shop, and The Kindness Box. Loving all my new goodies!

4. The weather around here has been fabulous and we've enjoyed taking lots of walks, playing with a 'homemade water table' (aka pots of water on a table), and our DIY sidewalk paint. We are loving summertime!

5. The World Cup games have been on nonstop at our house, and my husband has really gotten our daughter into watching soccer. I'm glad the US won, but I have to say, I love America's version of football so much more than futbol! I really can't handle all the acting and lying on the ground like your leg got chopped off when you were barely touched. Is anyone else annoyed by this? At least the commentators and crazy fans are entertaining! OLE OLE OLE OLE! ;)

Hope you all had a fabulous week! Cheers to the weekend!

Sharing my Five on Friday along with Darci, Natasha, Christina, April, and Lauren Elizabeth.  Join the fun!


  1. Totally with you on soccer! I keep trying to watch it, thinking it will grow on me. Hasn't yet. I just find a sport that can end with a score of 0-0 so ... unsatisfying.

    1. Totally agree! Or when we let Portugal score with 30 seconds left...seriously? After 90 minutes of watching, it was so disappointing!


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