Friday, May 23, 2014

Where Are We, Mama?

The questions have begun.

I was wondering when my firstborn would start in with the 5 Ws.  I’ve been told that I was a repetitive question asker when I was little, so I was just waiting for my little Josie to follow in my firstborn footsteps.  So far she has not started asking “Why?”, but only “Where are we, Mama?” and “What is it, Mama?”  (Only just about a million times this week so far.)

I’ll admit sometimes it gets annoying when I’m asked the same question over and over again when I’ve already answered it the same way each time.  But at the same time, it’s a pretty amazing thing to see.  All these questions show how Josie wants to learn.  She wants to know and understand things.  And what’s awesome – and scary – is that she’s looking up to me (and Jim) for all the answers.

So even though it can be so repetitive, I try to keep answering Josie every time she asks – and answering her nicely too.  As she grows up, I don’t want her to be afraid to come to me with a question or to not come to me because she thinks I’ll blow her off.  I want her to know that she can always come to me with a question, whether it’s her 3 year old self’s “What is it?” questions to her will-be-here-before-we-know-it teenager’s more difficult questions.  And through my actions now, I can show her that I will always be there for her when she has a question or needs me.

Another thing I’ve tried to do instead of be frustrated at her constant questions is to cherish this time.  And sometimes that can take a big effort…and lots of deep breaths.  I just have to remind myself that right now it’s all easy questions.  They will only become more difficult as time goes by.  And Jim and I want - and need - to have the “right” answers for our kids at those times.  So we need to enjoy this time of just being able to answer with “Oh, that’s a bug!”…and really need to bump up our prayers for guidance in our role as parents for the upcoming years!

So “Where are we, Mama?  Where are we?  Where are we?  Where are we?  Where are we, Mama?”  Take a deep breath….genuinely smile...answer her.  And know that that answer tells her where we really are: Together…prayerfully, growing in our love as a family everyday!

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