Sunday, May 4, 2014

Getting Ready for Baby #2 Series

Now that I'm officially a month away from my due date, I'm in crazy nesting lady mode. I love being pregnant - it is awesome how your body changes and that there is a little person inside of you! I am very ready to meet my son who has been very busy wiggling and squirming around for room. :)

I have made so many lists (things to buy, pack, clean, etc) before he arrives, and I thought I'd pass on any advice or tips that I learned after the first go around. I know every baby - and parent! - is different, so feel free to leave tips for me to learn as well.

This week, Jess (in her wisdom of already having 2 kids) and I will be posting all about getting ready for the next baby to arrive. I personally can't wait - the more I post about babies, the faster my due date seems to be coming!

Here are the links to the posts:

Packing the Hospital Bag for Baby #2
Getting the House Ready
Postpartum and Nursing Care Bag
Our Favorite Baby Items
List of Easy Meals

Have a lovely rest of the weekend!

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