Friday, May 9, 2014

Baby #2 Series: Getting the House Ready

Thanks for following along with our Baby Prep Series! Check back later this week for more posts!

I'm (obviously) very excited to have my baby on the outside, but still a little freaked out about the upcoming chaos. My husband and I were talking the other night, and I said I couldn't wait for my life to be normal again. And then we both about died laughing because we know it won't be 'normal' for a long time! I guess it will just be a new and fun normal!

I do want to help myself ease into having another child in the house. I am very lucky that I am able to become a stay at home mom after having him, but I know that I'll still be busy! One thing I'm doing differently this time around is getting the house ready. Last time, I don't think I factored in sleepless nights or recovery ... I really had nothing prepared! I am probably going overboard this time, but I feel so much more calm with what's to come. So here are my tips/ideas for prepping your house for a baby.

Stock Up
Buy everything in bulk in the last month - toilet paper, laundry soap, your makeup - everything! Go around your house and take an inventory of what you have, and what you are running low on. Even if you are running low (having half a bottle of something), go ahead and buy it. Right now, we have at least 10 toilet paper rolls in each bathroom. Excessive? Maybe just a little, but I know I won't be making any major store trips with a two year old and newborn at the beginning. The only time I want to go to the store is for fresh produce, milk, bread, etc.

Meal Prep
This coincides with stocking up. Make your life as easy as possible and have plenty of simple meals ready to go. Our local grocery had some amazing deals in the past week and I stocked up on cereals, granola bars, frozen waffles, pasta, and canned goods. I made several bags of slow cooker meals that are freezer friendly. I also made a list of easy meals and put it on the fridge. This may sound silly, but I'm definitely a person who needs reminded of all the options I have available! Plus, if your husband wants to help, you can give him lots of meals to pick from!

Make Baskets for Everything
I have baskets made up in the pantry and fridge -  snacks for kids, breastfeeding snacks, easy meals, etc. I just used some plastic bins from our dollar store to keep it all contained. I also made a basket of nursing supplies and recovery/medicine supplies. I swear I'd go upstairs every night when I had Abby and forget one thing or another. This time, I have all my supplies in one bin (a Thirty-One Keep it Caddy) that I can take up and down with me easily. In my nesting insanity, I've also made bins in every room/closet to keep everything super organized. My husband likes to help, but it's easier on us both if what he needs is labeled and put away in the right place.

Keeping it Clean
Every night, set a timer for ten minutes. Pump up some music on Pandora, and have your kids, husband, and yourself go cleaning crazy until that timer goes off. If we make it into a fun race, our two year old tends to get more into it! It's an easy and (somewhat) enjoyable way to clear off the counters, floor, etc. Typically we just stick to the downstairs living areas where most of our daily clutter ends up. We have a basket by the stairs to throw in items that need to be taken it's just a matter of taking said basket UP the stairs! ;) The more clean and clutter free you have your home now, the less chaotic it will seem when you have visitors showing up all the time after baby arrives!

I wanted to share these pictures of my house from this afternoon - we basically all left in a rush this morning. Cabinet doors open, food/dishes in the sink, and obviously, random crap left everywhere. When I laid Abby down for a nap, I set a timer and cleaned it myself. See what ten minutes can do? Now, it completely wore me out (I just ordered pizza haha), and a little two year old has already gotten out twenty books, but I feel better that I did something and it was clean for a bit! Small victories! :)

Any tips on furthering my nesting craziness? ;)

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