Monday, April 7, 2014

It's Spring!

This weekend we enjoyed so much sunshine it should be illegal. I think they said our area hadn't seen a dry weekend since November, so needless to say, we lived outside! The fresh air was so refreshing, and it definitely helps wear the kids down a lot faster.

We broke out some sidewalk chalk and did Abby's new favorite thing - tracing.  We loaded up our driveway with chalk kids. :)

Today, unfortunately, it was rainy again, so we broke out the crayons and had a blast inside.  I babysit Jess' kids on Mondays, and Abby was loving having Josie color with her. Next week I'm hoping to be super creative and make a fun Easter craft - we will see if my 32 week pregnant self can organize that! :)

I am counting down the weeks until our son joins the insanity with Abby and the cousins. Today the girls also were playing dress up and trying to get James involved. Poor little James needs another boy so he can wrestle around with a prince instead of a princess! ;)

Happy Spring!

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