Sunday, March 30, 2014

Start Fresh - Monthly Resolution Series

We all make resolutions at the beginning of the year to get a fresh start, break bad habits, and, well, just to better ourselves.   But who says resolutions can only be made on January 1st?  For me, when I make a list of everything I want to change or work on, it becomes overwhelming.  All I can think is, “Where do I even begin?”, and the steps to improvement stop before they even start. 

So what if we take it slower and tackle one resolution a month?  Let’s see each 1st day of the month as a fresh start.  Let’s use that month to improve ourselves in that one area and make it a habit.  Hopefully, in those 30 days, we can master that problem area, and then, the next month, we can add a new resolution and continue on bettering ourselves month after month.

Please join us in our Start Fresh – 1st of the Month Resolutions.  Feel free to follow along with us in our resolution or share your own that you’re working on in the comments.  Then, halfway through each month, we'll check in to discuss difficulties we’re having and encourage and support each other!

Check back on April 1st for our first resolution.  We're happy to have you following along!

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